Who is Victoria Justice Boyfriend in 2024? Her Relationship Status

Victoria Justice Boyfriend list in 2024

Victoria Justice was born on February 19, 1993, in Hollywood, Florida, U.S. She is an American actress and singer who rose to fame on Nickelodeon in the 2000s, featuring Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 and later Tori Vega on Victorious.

Though Victoria is still very young, her relationship is far from boring.

Who is Victoria Justice dating?

Victoria Justice relationship timeline

The gorgeous actress has been linked to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Nicholas Hoult, Ryan Rottman, Josh Hutcherson, Pierson Fode, Reeve Carney, and even Cole Sprouse, who gave Victoria her first kiss!

Victoria Justice and Evan Berger

In 2022, Victoria Justice was spotted hand-in-hand with TikToker Evan Berger at the RiSE festival in Las Vegas.

Victoria Justice and Evan Berger
Victoria Justice and Evan Berger (Photo: Sammy Aucella and Nick Cahill, Eonline)

Despite their public appearance together, neither has yet acknowledged their relationship on social media.

Victoria Justice dated boyfriend Reeve Carney for a while

Victoria was in a long-term relationship with the actor and singer, who is ten years older. According to source, Victoria Justice and Reeve Carney met in October 2016 while filming the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake.

Victoria Justice and ex boyfriend Reeve Carney
Victoria Justice and Reeve Carney (Photo: Getty Images)

However, after three years of dating, the couple was last spotted together in February 2019. So how’s their relationship journey, and why did they decide to break up after three years together?

Even though Victoria Justice seems to enjoy the fame and spotlight that she often gets, she is surprisingly very private about her love life. Even during her three years together with Reeve Carney, the two were only spotted together attending some red carpet events.

A source told E! News about how Victoria and Reeve wanted their relationship to be for them. “Victoria and Reeve aren’t going out of their way to hide the relationship, but just don’t go out together in public a ton.”

Victoria Justice quote about love

In one of her interviews, she talks about how private she is and what she thinks about sharing her personal life with the world. “It’s weird, and I indicate I’m an extremely private individual, so it’s kind of unpleasant for me, for individuals to understand whatever regarding me because of that,” told the actress and singer.

She also added, “There have been times where I was 17 or 18 as well as dating this guy and similar to riding our bikes around my community and then later that day learning that there was paparazzi taking photos of us. I didn’t want to share that with the globe.” It was her interview at the U Up? Podcast this year.

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Well, she has been private about her personal life since she started pursuing a career in the movie and music industries, especially after her rumor about her hating on Ariana Grande (that she clarified of, but still got bullied on the internet anyway). So, it is understandable for her to be overly private.

Thanks to her attempt to keep her relationship with Reeve private, because we hardly heard any negative rumors when they were together. And, some sources even stated that the two still being good friends even until now. Reeve is currently in another relationship with his co-stars on Broadway.

Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia

For you guys who have a hard time moving on from Victorious’ cast, don’t worry; Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia feel the same way, too! And they might be in a relationship that is more than “just friends.”

Victoria Justice with bf Avan Jogia
Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia (Photo: Getty Images)

Victoria and Avan were teaming for a new project, The Outcast, part of the Freaks and Geeks teen comedy series. Their energy and chemistry with each other are still the same! They play a love interest as Jodi and Dave in the series, and their fans cannot help but ship them to date in real life, too.

Unfortunately, Victoria and Avan have never been a couple when the camera’s not around. Yes, they might have a strong connection on screen, but they’re not dating.

They are very good friends, though, and always look forward to working alongside each other for the next project, Victoria said.

Her relationship with Pierson Fode

Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode started dating in December 2013 after meeting on the set of Naomi and Ely’s No-Kiss List. Sadly, after about two years together, they reportedly went their separate ways.

Victoria Justice and ex boyfriend Pierson Fode
Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode (Photo: Getty Images)

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, she showed up at Pierson’s birthday party in 2015 and proved to fans that they were still on good terms.

In the movie, Naomi and Eli are best buddies that are ready to conquer the world together. But, in real life, they are sweet lovers and such a down-to-earth couple (they still act like best friends in real life, though). But, just like how Victoria likes to be private with Reeve Carney, she also tries her best to keep her relationship with Pierson Forde low-key.

But, some fans still can see some of their moments together since they attended many red carpet events and did a lot of activities together.

It is sad to see them no longer together, but the source claimed that both were on good terms, and the split was based on mutual agreement.

Victoria Justice also Dated Ryan Rottman

In 2011, Victoria started dating her Victorious co-star Ryan Rottman who is eight years older. The two were spotted attending a Lakers Game together.

Victoria Justice and ex boyfriend Ryan Rottman
Victoria Justice and Ryan Rottman (Photo: Just Jared)

Their age differences never mean a lot to them, and they seem to be in a stable and loving relationship, even though the two maintained the whole relationship private.

The couple was together for about two years before they called it quits back in 2013. Though the two never explicitly revealed the reason for their split, the news stated it was due to the lack of time to meet each other. They both had a busy and tight schedule at that time, but the split was amicable.

Their breakup was confirmed by a reliable source to Us Weekly, who claimed to know them personally.

“They are at different points in their lives, and both have been traveling. But, they’ve both moved on,” disclosed the source.

Victoria Justice and Nicholas Hoult

A lot of people used to talk about Victoria Justice and Nicholas Hoult. Are the two of them dating? Or was it a mere rumor?

Though she was rumored to be with Nicholas from May to November 2009, Victoria denied the rumor and even stated that dating Nicholas Hoult was “impossible.”

“No, we’re not dating,” she clarified.

“He’s a great guy and so talented and deserves everything, but even to maintain a friendship with someone who lives on another continent, It’s kind of impossible.” She first debunked the rumor when she attended the Casting Society of America Artios Awards in Los Angeles when she was interviewed by E! News.

Victoria Justice and ex Nicholas Hoult
Victoria Justice and Nicholas Hoult

Victoria Justice and ex boyfriend Josh Hutcherson

In her teens, Victoria Justice dated The Hunger Games actor, Josh Hutcherson. They were spotted out in the stadiums during game nights and also made a couple of red carpet appearances as couple.

Victoria Justice and ex boyfriend Josh Hutcherson
Victoria Justice and Josh Hutcherson (Photo: Getty Images)

The two reportedly started dating in early 2008 and and broke up roughly a year later.

Cole Sprouse and her first real kiss

In August 2004, Victoria was linked with one of Sprouse twins, Cole Sprouse. The two met on set of their hit Disney series, The suite Life of Zack & Cody. Though Victoria only made a guest appearance in the series, the two seem to hit it off at the very first second.

Victoria Justice and boyfriend Cole Sprouse
Victoria Justice and Cole Sprouse

They broke off their adorable young love, and years later, she said that Sprouse was her first real kiss in an interview from 2011. And not only that, some sources stated that the two still maintained good relationships until now.

Nowadays, Cole is in a long-term relationship with his co star in Riverdale, Lili Reinhart.

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