Robert Maaser’s Wife Opens Up About Glimpses of Their Marriage

Robert Maaser married lfie

After he caught fans’ attention for his cameo in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, many people were shocked to know that Robert Maaser is already married and has children!

Robert Maaser and Melisa Maaser married
Robert Maaser and Melisa Maaser (Photo: @melisamaaser)

The actor is also a former professional wheel gymnast, winning 14 world championship titles and two World Cup wins.

While Robert Maaser dedicates his Instagram account to promoting his work, fans can get glimpses of his household life thanks to his wife, Melisa Maaser.

When Did Robert Maaser Marry His Wife?

Robert Maaser and Melisa Maaser engaged

In 2016, Robert Maaser’s now-wife, Melisa, posted a picture of the actor proposing to her atop the mountain. It’s unclear how long they dated before Robert eventually found the courage to get down on one knee and pop the question.

“Best day of my life,” Melisa wrote in the caption. “The star of life’s biggest adventure,” she concluded.

The couple were engaged for several months before getting married in a small ceremony in Postdam, Germany, later that year.

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In 2019, Robert and Melisa welcomed their first daughter, Ela. However, it wasn’t until two years later that Melisa revealed their daughter’s face in a picture.

Shortly after, the couple announced they were expecting a second baby, Mina, with an undisclosed birthdate.

Congratulations are long overdue!

Who Is Melisa Maaser?

Melisa Maaser
Melisa Maaser (Photo: @melisamaaser)

Robert Maaser has made a name for himself in the wheel gymnastics and acting industries. However, his wife is also a credited actress in her own right!

Melisa Maaser appeared as the waitress in the 2023 movie Out for Vengeance.

According to her Instagram bio, Melisa seems to put acting as her side job, with her primary occupation as a professional hairdresser and make-up artist. She was in charge of Robert’s make-up in his project SAE!

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