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Logan Henderson quote Just date people you like

Logan Henderson is an American actor and singer. He was born on September 14th, 1989 in Temple, Texas, in the United States.

He is known for playing Logan Mitchell on the Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush, and also for being a former member of the Big Time Rush band.

In this article, we have shared some powerful collection of Logan Henderson quotes and sayings.

  • Logan Henderson quotes You can wait your whole life for the right moment

    You can wait your whole life for the right moment and it might never come, so I’m a big believer in making now the right moment.

  • Logan Henderson quotes I think a little bit of competition

    I think a little bit of competition is always good.

  • Logan Henderson quotes Do something that surprises yourself

    Do something that surprises yourself cause if you don’t surprise yourself, you’re not going to surprise anybody else.

  • Logan Henderson quotes Dream what you want

    Dream what you want! Start creating your own reality! Work hard for it and the rest will follow! Love and Blessings!

  • I love a girl with a sense of humor. Someone who can make me laugh and that I can get along with and talk with and who is just sweet overall, inside and out.

  • I was always a class clown, so I never had trouble fitting in; I just had trouble finding out where I really wanted to be.

  • Flying is like the ultimate superpower; it’s just, like, the coolest thing.

  • I don’t really get nervous, ever. I just have a good time

  • Just date people you like, then you’re guaranteed to have fun

  • My whole family is really tight-knit. We’re a really good team.

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