Top 8 Rami Malek Quotes & Sayings

Rami Malek quotes I don't use emojis. I go vintage

Rami Malek is best known for portraying Freddie Mercury in the film Bohemian Rhapsody. He is also known for his lead role as Elliot Alderson in the series Mr. Robot.

In this article, we have shared some powerful collection of Rami Malek best quotes and sayings.

  • Rami Malek quote people used to think of me as a comedy actor

    People used to think of me as a comedy actor.

  • Rami Malek quote I think people have a hard time thinking that I could've done a sitcom

    I think people have a hard time thinking that I could’ve done a sitcom.

  • I don’t use emojis. I go vintage.

  • There’s fears in everyone’s job. Ours are in the limelight, and people think we’re incredibly privileged or nuts to do what we do for a living.

  • ‘Twilight’ fans are different. They’re very civil with one another. It’s a respect because they’re all in this together and they all appreciate the same things.

  • Of course I would never compare myself to someone who actually went through a war, but I definitely matured shooting ‘The Pacific.’ I’m more calm and I have more patience.

  • I used to spend a lot of time alone as a kid, creating characters and doing voices in my room, and I thought to myself, I’m either going to go absolutely nuts, or I’m going to find something to put that energy into.

  • It’s funny to think that when you get done with an acting job, you’re considered unemployed. There are definitely times when those checks don’t last forever. I went to college at a private school, and I racked up quite a bit of debt. I was very slow to pay them back.

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