Who is Jennette Mccurdy Boyfriend? Is She Dating Anyone?

Jennette Mccurdy new boyfriend and dating history

Eccentric and sarcastic on stage while battling eating disorders and committed to being the family’s primary financial support.

That strong person is called Jennette McCurdy. Jennette began her journey into Hollywood at a young age at six. Her career skyrocketed when she took the stage in Nickelodeon’s comedy show “iCarly” as Sam Puckett. 

After taking a hiatus from acting, she emerged as a director and a writer. Although Jennette’s upheaval as an actress was well-known, her love stories stay under the radar. 

She allegedly dated several men, and they were full of exciting stories to tell.

Who is Jennette Mccurdy New Boyfriend?

Graham Patrick Martin is a New Orleans-born actor known as Eldridge McElroy in CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.”

His recent show “Catch-22” is about a USAAF airman that doesn’t want to go into bombing missions, but he can’t escape from his duties because he is supposedly “sane to go to war because you don’t want to do it.” Graham played alongside Christian Abbott and George Clooney, whom Graham played as Ivor Orr. 

Jennette Mccurdy and ex boyfriend Graham Patrick Martin
Jennette Mccurdy and Graham Patrick Martin

Graham supposedly dated McCurdy before they met in “iCarly.” This relationship occurred sometime around 2004 until 2008. Their story never made into public delight, with the pair kept silent about their private life. 

Even more interesting was that Graham was put on the same stage as McCurdy in “iCarly” back in 2009. The occurrence took place just a year after they reportedly parted ways. However, both remained professionals on the show and looked to be on “good terms.”

Since then, we haven’t heard anything about their past life together. We know that Graham found another girl, Ginny Gardner. It is the relationship that the couple is publicly willing to share with the fans.

Jennette Mccurdy and Max Ehrich

Unfortunately, when you thought that Jannette’s love stories ended with Graham Martin, he wasn’t the last man that came into her life. Enter Max Ehrich. He and Jannette shared the same show on “iCarly” in 2010.

Jennette Mccurdy with her co-star and ex boyfriend Max Ehrich
Jennette Mccurdy and Max Ehrich (Getty Images)

The story is also shrouded in mystery, with fans only deducing Max’s appearance in the same show. Not only McCurdy, who supposedly dated Max, but the fans also noticed that he might be dating Miranda Cosgrove, Jannette’s best friend and her companion in “iCarly.” 

Max Ehrich eventually broke the rumor apart when he tweeted, which he removed, that he and Jannette was and will always be a friend to him. After he broke the news apart, he met with Veronica Dunne.

Their love emerged because of their mutual love for music, especially musical theatre. Veronica said in J-14 that Max’s voice rendered her trembling in awestruck. Woefully, this “musical love tale” lasted only three years, in July 2017. 

After his venture with Veronica, he unofficially dated Sommer Ray. They never went public with their past relations and briefly stayed together as a couple. 

Jennette Mccurdy and Paul Glasner

Perhaps Jennette McCurdy’s love life so far happened when she and her so-called “boyfriend,” if you like to say that, were in the same place, working on the same project or show. The only thing that differs between Graham and Max in the following story is the reason behind Jannette McCurdy’s choice to date Paul Glasner.

Jennette Mccurdy and ex boyfriend Paul Glasner
Jennette Mccurdy and Paul Glasner (Splash News)

It was, in some way, a fascinating and sad story; blended perfectly to create the Jennette McCurdy we know today. They both, again like Max and Graham Martin before, met on the same stage in Nickelodeon’s show “iCarly.” While Jennette played one of the actresses alongside Miranda Cosgrove, Paul worked as the writer of that show.

People would criticize their age gap, with Jennette was still 18 years old, and Paul was already 31 years old. In an interview with Vulture, she confessed that she once had “a special relationship” with Paul. They met on the last season of “iCarly” and suddenly leaked photos of her and Paul together stormed the media. 

Her story with Paul emerged when she received the news about her mother’s newest breast cancer occurrence. She decided that it was the best option to put her love in someone else. That affection fell to Paul Glaser’s hand. 

Jennette said that fans would make or send negative comments to her companion, in which she took a grudge on social media. Many comments about Paul being a creep, etc., would storm his or Jannette’s social media accounts.

Jannette also added that people didn’t know the “real story” behind her reason for dating Paul Glaser. Those things made things unbearable for Jennette. 

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One thing that the fans and social media geeks out there need to know is the fact that Jannette was lamenting her mother’s death. It was not a pleasant moment for Jannette for sure. Even though she faced those problems at hand, she stayed focused on her career as an actress. And if you think she managed to bounce back, well, she hasn’t. 

She thought she could forget her sadness by working hard on her projects. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide her with the comfort she needs. Vulture quoted her saying that she would be fine if anyone could hug her for being a strong woman in that difficult time. 

Her mother’s conditions weren’t improving much after Jennette chose to date Paul. Jannette finally accepted her conditions as what they should be. After facing her mother’s passing away, she ended all ties with Paul Glaser. 

Jennette Mccurdy went off-course, dating an NBA athlete Andre Drummond

Let us put aside her resilience story so far and forth into a completely different chapter. Well, Jennette had “supposedly” dating three men with all of them met Jannette in the same show, “iCarly.”

If you are hoping this time she can find happiness by dating another actor, well, you jump the gun too quickly. 

Jennette Mccurdy and boyfriend Andre Drummond
Jennette Mccurdy and Andre Drummond (FameFlynet Pictures)

She chose to date an NBA athlete, then Brooklyn Nets player, Andre Drummond. It was possibly her most publicized relationship. Perhaps after Jennette’s romantic affair with Paul Glaser. 

It was Andre who initiated that they “should” become lovers. Andre mentioned Jannette as his crush in an Instagram challenge. Like a snowball rolling down the hill, both showed their uncontained affection. 

According to Elite Daily, Jennette wrote an essay for Wall Street Journal about her deep affection for the then 28 years old center. She mentioned to Andre in that journal that he isn’t messing around.

She also added that it takes an incredible amount of bravery to reveal your inner feelings through the crowds. Well, Andre, you’ve done a great job there. 

They kept in touch through their social media accounts and eventually met in real life. Things stayed in a tranquil state for a moment before Jennette broke the silence. In a podcast with Pete Holmes titled “You made it weird,” she stated that her relationship with Andre was somewhat an uncomfortable affair. 

She blatantly said in that podcast that her first kiss with Andre wasn’t romantic at all. “That was an impulsive reaction,” according to Elite Daily. Jennette also said that his mouth wasn’t in good shape, weird even.

It must hurt to receive that humiliation, to massive crowds no less. And Andre Drummond is not a person that will take any disgrace lightly. In a short time after that revelation, some photos of Jennette wearing lingeries leaked onto the internet.

We all know who might be behind this, and Jennette also stated obliquely in her tweet that she only sent those pictures to one person and never imagined that a person could become such a degenerate. 

Perhaps after receiving hateful comments from the partisans of McCurdians, Andre Drummond denied all involvement. He promptly said his focus was on basketball, nothing else. 

This story didn’t end well with both indirectly mocking each other, especially Jennette’s part. While Jennette was still trying to berate Andre Drummond, the latter said that he found Jennette’s comments laughable. Drummond also posted a video on his social media, saying that he needs to move on from the mistakes he made before. 

Built a new persona with her boyfriend, Jesse Carere

She realized that she belonged to theatrical life, so she changed her life after that distasteful dalliance with Andre Drummond. With that in mind, she chose another man, Jesse Carere, another on-site romance partner

Jennette Mccurdy with her co-star Jesse Carere
Jennette Mccurdy and Jesse Carere (Getty Images)

No, not from “iCarly.” Jennette met Jesse from a show called “Between.” An interesting part is that Jesse played Jennette’s love interest in that show, a guy named Adam.

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Not much seen or heard from this couple before Jennette McCurdy sent a lovely birthday message to Jesse in 2016. It was a brief romantic narrative with the couple deciding to part ways. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the reason for their breakup. 

 For now, we can conclude that Jennette is enjoying her single life. That’s what we know so far.

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