Who is Emilia Clarke Dating? Her Boyfriend in 2021

Last updated: July 7, 2021
Emilia Clarke boyfriends

Emilia Clarke is an English actress who is most known as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game of Thrones. The role of Mother of Dragons garnered her international recognition and was nominated for several awards. She has also starred in the romantic films Me Before You and Last Christmas. Emilia is the face of companies as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Clinique.

Who is her boyfriend?

According to sources Emilia Clarke is single now. However, she has been in relationships with few talented men but never with any co-star from GoT. Emilia is very supportive and close to her friends, which has caused some rumors about her love life. For example, she and co-stars Kit Harrington or Jason Momoa, who both happily married, and Emilia is just a loving friend. Once she told Marie Claire, “My career makes romantic relationships absolutely impossible.” So have a look at who has she been romantically connected to.

Are Emilia Clarke and Charlie McDowell dating?

Emilia Clarke and Charlie McDowell met in 2018 and dated over a year. He is an American film director and writer. They spent some romantic time together and confirmed their relationship on social media with charming pictures and captions.

Emilia Clarke and boyfriend Charlie McDowell
Emilia Clarke and Charlie McDowell

However, after a year they broke up. Neither of them has confirmed the split but Charlie unfollowed her on Instagram and deleted photos where they were together. In 2020 Charlie and actress Lily Collins confirmed they got engaged on Instagram.

Jai Courtney

Back in 2015 Mother of Dragons was dating Australian actor Jai Courtney. They met on set while filming the sci-fi action movie Terminator Genisys. The relationship didn’t last long as Jai confirmed that they split on a radio show.

Emilia Clarke and ex boyfriend Jai Courtney
Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney

Cory Michael Smith

Cory Michael Smith is an American actor best known for his roles in Fox television drama series Gotham. Also, he is one of Emilia’s ex-boyfriends. He appeared in 2013 in Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway, which starred Emilia Clarke.

Emilia Clarke and Cory ex Michael Smith
Emilia Clarke and Cory Michael Smith / Reddit

They started dating in 2014 and broke up after a couple of months.

James Franco

Emilia Clarke and James Franco were rumored about their relationship. James is a famous American actor, filmmaker, comedian, academic, painter, and writer. They were linked for a long time and rumored to be engaged.

Emilia Clarke and James Franco
Emilia Clarke and James Franco

So once Emilia said: “But I feel there’s only a handful of women who could form an engagement after two meetings, and I’m not one of them.” And made it obvious they never were dating.

Seth MacFarlane

2012-2013 for several months Emilia dated a very talented actor, voice actor, screenwriter, director, producer, animator Seth MacFarlane. As a creator, he’s best known for his television series Family Guy, co-creator American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. The two looked very happy in public but after a few months went silent about their private life.

Emilia Clarke and ex Seth MacFarlane
Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane

She filmed GoT in Europe while Seth was in the US so the long-distance relationship didn’t work out so in 2013 the couple split up.


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