Who Is Adelaide Kane Boyfriend in 2021? Is She Dating Anyone?

Last updated: August 30, 2021
Adelaide Kane boyfriend list

Adelaide Kane is a well-known Australian actress. She is referred to for her parts as Lolly Allen in the Australian cleanser musical show Neighbors and Mary, Queen of Scots, in the CW historical drama series Reign. She is also renowned for the MTV series, Teen Wolf, where she played the beautiful and mysterious Cora Hale.

Who is her boyfriend?

Adelaide Kane is unmarried till now. She has been in a few relationships in her life. About her relationship, she is committed to Jacques Colimon and seems the couple is happy together. Read more about the full Adelaide Kane dating life below.

Her boyfriend Jacques Colimon

Adelaide Kane is currently dating a younger partner in Jacques Colimon after breaking up with Joey Pauline. Colimon is known to play a part for Netflix The Society series.

Adelaide Kane with boyfriend Jacques Colimon
Adelaide Kane and Jacques Colimon / Instagram

The two met while shooting Into the Dark. They have been dating since July 2019 and seems the couple is happy together.

Joey Pauline

Fashion brand owner Joey Pauline and Adelaide Kane started dating in 2017.

Adelaide Kane with Joey Pauline

The two dated from May 2017 to June 2019, during which time they lived together.

Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale

Adelaide started dating actor Sean Teale in November 2014. He is known for his role in Incorporated, the Syfy dystopian series.

Adelaide Kane with ex Sean Teale

The two dated for two years before separating in 2016.

Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo

Before dating Sean Teale, Adelaide Kane was rumored to be seeing Toby Regbo, her co-star in Reign. Toby Regbo is a British actor, recognized for playing Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter. However, she addressed to source explaining that the two aren’t compatible in that way.

Adelaide Kane with ex boyfriend Toby Regbo

I do get it – when you like the characters together so much on the show it seems like a natural progression that the actors would get together. But we are not the characters – we are very different from our characters in real life. While I adore Toby and I think he is a very talented actor and handsome man, he and I are not compatible in that way. We are friends and that’s how it is going to stay.

Connor Paolo

In April 2011, Adelaide was with another actor, Connor Paolo. The relationship took place before Adelaide got cast in the series Reign, and Gossip Girl between 2011 and 2013.

Adelaide Kane with Connor Paolo

The couple dated for more than two years and parted ways in July 2013.

Ian Bohen

In 2011, Adelaide was in a romantic relationship with American actor and Teen Wolf co-star, Ian Bohen. He played Adelaide’s uncle in the said show.

Adelaide Kane and ex Ian Bohen

Ian Bohen is about 13 years older than Adelaide. The relationship equally ended in 2011.

Gregg Sulkin

On May 29, 2013, she was rumored to be dating another British actor, Gregg Sulkin.


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