The Truth About Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale’s Relationship

Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale dating history

“Reign” is a series most of us watch. It is a series, basically, about being part of a royal family. And on that series, Adelaide Kane rose as one of the prominent actresses. Since then, her career has steadily begun to rise. 

The Australian girl won our hearts. But, how about her own? We knew that Kane once dated several incredible men throughout her career. This story is a story today still shrouded in mystery. So hop in, buckle up, and prepare yourself. 

The beginning of Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale’s relationship

Before we start the journey, there will be a little trivia about Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale. Both of them are part British. Sean, a natural British whom he was born in London, and Adelaide Kane, as the suggests, was born in Australia.

Adelaide Kane and her ex boyfriend Sean Teale
Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale

Another thing that we like to point out is the fact that Kane and Teale are not public satisfier-type of artists. There are two reasons why they choose to be like this. First, we shall find out later.

The second is the fact that they are all very secretive persons. However, they did show some clues regarding their relationship. 

Okay, now that we have established some background, let’s dig in. Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale didn’t have a connection. Notably, they didn’t know each other. Yet, the cupid made them know each other after Kane and Teale entered the same stage. 

Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane worked together in Warner Bros’ “Reign” TV series in 2013. As the reports suggest, Adelaide said goodbye to her relationship with Connor Paolo before the series materialized. It took a year for Adelaide Kane to recover from her breakup. And Sean Teale came into action. 

What Happened Next for Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale?

We finally learned that Adelaide Kane met with Sean Teale while working on “Reign.” After a year without any men coming to her, Adelaide’s thirst for love went unsatiated. Adelaide Kane searched for another man, and the hunt finally bore fruit. Kane’s next target is Sean Teale.

Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale in Reign
Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale (Reign)

In 2014, several reports suggested that Sean Teale and Adelaide Kane had a loving relationship. We didn’t know why and how this event occurred, but we knew that Kane and Sean posted a couple of photos together. As we mentioned, they seemed to fall in love while working on the same stage.

Well, it is not a surprise since they regularly met and knew each other personally. 

Regarding the photos, Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale showed affection toward each other. The fans also celebrated the joyous moment as they hoped that Sean and Adelaide Kane could bring the relationship into a more committed relationship. 

However, be careful about your wishes. The relationship didn’t end as well as it supposed to be. 

Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale’s Journey After the Breakup

Love stories are full of sweetness. Yet, like a thorn on a rose, the bitter feeling of separation and breakup never ceases to agitate us. Supposedly, that was what happened to Adelaide Kane back in 2016. 

Adelaide Kane found a bit of an oasis. Her fame began to rise, and “Reign” reached its utmost popularity. Added that to the fact that she had a boyfriend with Sean Teale. Adelaide Kane had it all.  

The tipping point took place in that same year. Several reports stated that Adelaide Kane was not the beloved girlfriend of Sean Teale. The words shattered the fans’ dream of having their artists exchanging vows to continue as one.

Sadly, Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale did say goodbye and ceased to be in each other’s hearts the following year. No confirmation or official declaration occurred regarding the pair’s crumbling love story. 

So, what happens next? Well, Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale found their solace. Adelaide Kane dated Joey Pauline in 2017, weeks after her dissolution. On the other hand, Sean continued his career in acting and somehow managed to turn his feelings of love on stage. He fell in love, again on stage, not in real life, while starring in the “Incorporated” TV series. 

So far, no confirmation about Sean Teale’s recent romantic affairs.

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