Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen: A Fiery Romance?

Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen relationship in detail

We cannot deny just how adorable Adelaide Kane is. Whether on stage or outside the set, Adelaide Kane manages to captivate most people. Her career proves the argument, yet the Australian-born actress has something up her sleeve.

From high-profile actors to an entrepreneur, Adelaide Kane catches and steals their hearts for good. However, not many men manage to stay with her until the end. This story, in particular, emerged from non-substantial rumors into a full-blown investigation. So, here’s the story. 

Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen

From our perspective, they are a match, a powerful couple that will take Hollywood by storm. Take it this way. Adelaide Kane is one of the famous upcoming actresses from Australia, and her fame came after the world watched her play in the “Reign” TV series.

Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen dating history
Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen

Ian, on the other hand, is also an actor. His career rose after his series “Yellowstone” and “Teen Wolf” came to the public eye.

Okay, we already set a baseline here about who Ian Bohen and Adelaide Kane are. But, from one quick read, they didn’t have many things in common. The age between the two is also overwhelming, with 13 years separating them.

However, you may take those words back since there has been something going on between them. Let’s rewind the time and return to 2011, where it all began.

How did Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen meet?

Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen once had a “special” relationship together. We read this from several reports on the internet. And those reports certainly did not disappoint. However, many of you may ask why Ian Bohen and Adelaide Kane dated each other? How did they meet in the first place?

We said it before that Ian Bohen once played on a series called “Teen Wolf.” Starring in MTV supernatural series, Ian Bohen met Adelaide Kane for the first time while working together. They certainly had that connection on stage, playing as niece and uncle. While the viewers began noticing the link, Kane or Ian never came straight.

“Teen Wolf” started airing in 2011, and it was the year when Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen reportedly had that “special” off-stage meetups. Several reports stated that Ian did harbor a feeling toward Kane, yet no confirmation about their relationship thus far. 

So, what did that give us? In summary, Ian and Adelaide Kane perhaps had a secret fling that no one knows until today. We cannot specify Ian and Kane’s romantic narrative until the confirmation occurs.

The future holds the next chapter

What’s next, then? Well, we are not entirely sure. After that brief stint together in 2011, Adelaide Kane and Ian Bohen continued to play in “Teen Wolf” until its culmination in 2017. Since then, Adelaide Kane dated several men, and although they were all rumors and speculations, Adelaide Kane did show some respect for Ian. 

Glamour Fame recorded Ian’s several comments about Adelaide Kane on his Twitter account, giving us an insight about him and Kane personally. Kane and Ian never shy away from “casually joking” about each other, implicitly stating to the fans that “yes, we’ve once a pair” type of conversation. Ian Bohen, however, took the rumors regarding him and Kane as “preposterous.” 

Ian Bohen recently dated Meghan Irminger from 2017 to 2019 and dated several girls after meeting with Adelaide Kane. Both Kane and Ian never publicly announce they are in an engagement or even married. With how secretive they are, we never know what the future holds for Adelaide Kane or Ian Bohen’s romantic journey would be. 

For now, we can say that they are both happy doing what they can do best. And that is, acting in front of the camera.

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