Who is Logan Lerman Girlfriend in 2024? His Love Life in detail

The Percy Jackson actor is in a relationship with the New York-based artist Analuisa Corrigan.

Logan Lerman girlfriend in 2024

Logan Lerman is an American actor. He is known for portraying the title role in the fantasy-adventure Percy Jackson films. He had a passion for movies from a young age. He entered the creative industry at the age of four, doing commercials.

Is Logan Lerman single or he is dating anyone?

On August 30, Lerman’s girlfriend, Analuisa Corrigan, posted a photo of him hiking on her Instagram.

Logan Lerman girlfriend Analuisa Corrigan
Logan Lerman and Analuisa Corrigan (Instagram)

In 2022, they made a stunning red carpet debut as they walked side-by-side at the premiere of Logan’s movie Bullet Train.

Who is Logan Lerman Girlfriend, Analuisa Corrigan?

Analuisa Corrigan is an artist based in New York who works primarily in ceramic art. She shares much of her work on her Instagram page.

Analuisa Corrigan
Analuisa Corrigan (Instagram)

She graduated from Parsons, The New School of Design, with a BFA in Communication Arts. The artist studied Graphic Design at Santa Barbara City College in addition to her degree.

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Logan Lerman and Analuisa Corrigan
Source: Instagram

She had already made up her mind to stay with Logan Lerman forever, living a peaceful life together.

Logan Lerman and Analuisa Corrigan
Source: Instagram

So we decided to save our pennies and buy ourselves a fishing boat to spend our remaining years on the high seas. We said, “fuck sunscreen!” and Logan caught us fresh grouper for breakfast, lunch, n dinner every damn day.

Logan Lerman and Analuisa Corrigan on COVID-19

logan lerman with his girlfriend

Logan posted a photo of how the trio (Logan, Ana, and their dog) quarantined together at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario

According to Daily Mail, Logan was engaged to his co-star, Alexandra Daddario. Before he was with Analuisa, he was allegedly once in a relationship with his Percy Jackson co-star, Alexandra Daddario.

Logan Lerman girlfriend Alexandra Daddario
Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario (JustJared)

The duo were on-off for several years before Logan proposed to the Percy Jackson actress.

Who Is Logan Lerman Ex Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario?

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress and model who rose to fame in 2007 after playing the character of Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series and Blake in San Andreas, in which she co-starred with Dwayne Johnson.

Alexandra Daddario

Logan Lerman and Frances Bean Cobain

In 2006, when Logan was a rising star with the film Hoof that won him a third Young Artist Award, he was rumored to be dating Kurt Cobain’s only daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

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However, the pair never disclosed their relationship, but tabloids exclusively confirmed they were a thing.

Logan Lerman girlfriend Frances Bean Cobain

Logan Lerman Has Salt-and-Pepper Hair Now

Logan Lerman Has Salt-and-Pepper Hair Now

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief star Logan Lerman has been in the headlines for his new quarantine hairdo, and Twitter is officially in love with it.

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