What is Dan Levy’s Net Worth in 2023

Dan Levy's Net Worth

For those active in social media, you must be familiar with Dan Levy, or at least his face! Yep, he’s that one person whose memes frequently appear as of late.

Dan Levy’s most notable work is undoubtedly the comedy series Schitt’s Creek, which he developed alongside his father, Eugene, and his sister, Sarah.

How Much is Dan Levy’s Net Worth?

Thanks to his success as an actor, writer, and producer, Dan Levy is entitled to a net worth of $14 million!

His wealth comes from Schitt’s Creek’s successful series and Dan Levy’s other movies, including Cyberstalker, Admission, Stage Fright, and Happiest Season.

How Long Has Dan Levy Been Acting?

Dan Levy made his debut as one of the hosts of MTV Live back in Canada. He later gained recognition after hosting the channel’s The After Show, followed by The Hills: The After Show and The City: Live After Show.

In 2009, Dan began his acting career with an appearance in Degrassi Goes Hollywood. He returned to filming sets in 2012 and 2013, starring in Cyberstalker and Admission, respectively.

Dan Levy in Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009) & Schitt’s Creek TV series
Dan Levy in Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009) & Schitt’s Creek TV series

In 2013, Dan Levy wrote, produced, and starred in Schitt’s Creek TV series. His role in the series earned him many prestigious nominations, including an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. The series ended in 2020.

Following the conclusion of Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy starred in the HBO TV movie Coastal Elites opposite Bette Midler, Kaitlyn Dever, Sarah Paulson, and Issa Rae. Dan hosted his first Saturday Night Live episode in 2021.

Where Does Dan Levy Live?

Since moving to Los Angeles to expand his career, Dan Levy has been splitting his time between Los Angeles and his hometown Toronto. In Los Angeles, he purchased a $4.1 million home in 2019. Meanwhile, in Toronto, he still lives in his childhood home.

Dan Levy's House in Los Angeles
Dan Levy’s House in Los Angeles

However, he preferred to stay close to his parents and sister due to the pandemic. Dan Levy admitted that he had moved back in with his parents since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak.

What Car Does Dan Levy Own?

Despite his jaw-dropping wealth, Dan Levy isn’t someone who spends his cash on luxurious cars.

Dan Levy owns a Toyota Prius, which costs him somewhere between $24,525 to $32,650. He also owns a Range Rover, which sports a hefty price tag of $164,000 to $169,400!

What Watch Does Dan Levy Wear?

While he’s not known to be very enthusiastic about cars, Dan Levy sure has taste in wristwatches! He purchased a $12,990 worth of Cartier Tank MC watch, which he wore to the 2021 Golden Globes and 2021 SAG Award ceremonies.

Dan Levy’s Cartier Tank MC Watch

Dan owns an Omega DeVille Prestige, which he wore at the 2020 Emmy ceremony. Dan Levy also owns a Cartier Santos, which cost him $7,990. Besides Cartier, Dan shared the same taste with his father in Omega watches.

Does Dan Levy Run A Business?

In 2013, Dan Levy, alongside his father, Eugene Levy, established a production company called Not a Real Company Productions. Through this company, he birthed a comedic masterpiece, Schitt’s Creek.

In 2021, Dan Levy launched his eyewear collection, already known for his love for eyewear and sunglasses. The eyewear line was named DL Eyewear, which offers fun and stylish eyewear and sunglasses.

How Much Does Dan Levy Earn?

When he started his career by hosting MTV shows, Dan Levy earned more or less $140,000 for every episode. After resigning from MTV, he began developing Schitt’s Creek, which eventually became a significant success.

When Schitt’s Creek was on its pilot episode, Dan Levy’s net worth was only $3 million. However, after the series ended, his net worth skyrocketed to $14 million!

Furthermore, in 2019 Dan Levy signed a three-year deal with ABC Studios. The deal is reportedly worth $2 million a year. Two years later, he signed another contract with Netflix worth a whopping $10 million.

Not to mention his successful eyewear business, Dan Levy, sure earns enough money to live comfortably for years to come!


Dan Levy is a Canadian actor, writer, and producer who has an estimated net worth of $14 million. He gained his wealth from his work on the TV series Schitt’s Creek. In addition to his acting career, Dan also owns a production company and an eyewear line.

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