The Cast Of Alita: Battle Angel, Ranked By Net Worth

See which members of the critically acclaimed cast of 'Alita: Battle Angel' scored big with their checks.

Alita: Battle Angel cast, ranked by net worth

As a Hollywood adaptation of the manga series Gunnm, the 2019 movie Alita: Battle Angel immediately topped the box office in the first week of its release. Deadline reported that the movie earned $27.8 million in the first three days only in the United States and made $94.3 million in the other 86 countries!

With many notable actors and rising stars in the cast ensemble of Alita: Battle Angel, it’s unsurprising that they received quite a hefty sum for their paychecks. Read on to see how much fortune the cast members own following the enormous success of Alita: Battle Angel!

How Much is Keean Johnson’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Keean Johnson net worth
20th Century Fox

Mostly known for his role as Hugo, our main character’s love interest in Alita: Battle Angel, Keean Johnson is a rising star who joined the movie’s cast ensemble. Before Alita, he scored supporting roles in Sam Presents and Heritage Falls.

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Keean is one of the actors with the least net worth in the cast ensemble, with $1.2 million of net worth under his name. However, after his performance in Alita: Battle Angel, the actor secured more roles. He starred in Midway, reuniting him with Ed Skrein. He also got a recurring role in the first season of the hit series Euphoria.

How Much is Jorge Lendeborg Jr.’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. net worth
20th Century Fox

Portraying one of the two main scrap dealers and the partner of Alita’s love interest, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. was often seen third-wheeling Alita and Hugo in several scenes. Before securing a role in Alita: Battle Angel, the Dominican actor appeared in all three Spider-Man installments. Jorge also starred alongside Hailee Steinfeld in Bumblebee.

Since he only started acting in 2016, Jorge owns a modest net worth of $2 million. However, with Alita’s success and acting talent, it’s only time until Jorge increases his fortune in the coming years!

How Much is Jackie Earle Haley’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Jackie Earle Haley net worth
20th Century Fox

Yep, it’s time for us to welcome the actor who portrayed one of Alita’s main enemies, Jackie Earle Haley! Performing the role of an imposingly giant cyborg criminal, Grewishka, Jackie was determined to bring the on-screen demise to our titular character.

It wasn’t the first time Jackie played an irritatingly evil character. He’s best known for portraying a pedophile in the critically acclaimed Little Children, for which he earned an Oscar nomination. The actor is entitled to a humble net worth of $2 million under his name.

How Much is Lana Condor’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Lana Condor net worth

Gaining popularity with the rom-com series To All the Boys in 2018, Lana Condor joined the cast ensemble of Alita: Battle Angel as Koyomi, a friend to Hugo and Tanji, hence also a friend to Alita.

Having established her career among the young audience, Lana Condor owns quite a considerable net worth of $3 million, considering that she only began acting in 2016.

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After Alita, Lana started her YouTube channel, which garnered more than 9.8 million views within the first two months. She also produced a comedy series Boo, Bitch, in 2022.

With Lana Condor showing no signs of stopping, it’s only a matter of time until her net worth reaches double digits!

How Much is Rosa Salazar’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Rosa Salazar net worth
20th Century Fox

Despite being the titular character in the movie, Canadian actress Rosa Salazar is one of the actors who has the least net worth among Alita’s cast ensemble. This is understandable, considering she began her career in 2011 with minor supporting roles in various movies and TV shows.

Rosa owns a net worth of $4 million. As her career began to soar after her brilliant performance in Alita: Battle Angel, Rosa now ventures into film producing with the well-loved series Brand New Cherry Flavor in 2021.

How Much is Idara Victor’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Idara Victor net worth
20th Century Fox

Mostly known for her role in the legendary crime drama Rizzoli & Isles, Idara Victor is yet another familiar role we see in Alita: Battle Angel. Although her role in the movie is only a supporting role as Christoph Waltz’s assistant, Idara has amassed more net worth than Rosa Salazar, with $5 million!

Following the success of Alita: Battle Angel, Idara is currently starring as the main cast in the 2022 comedy series Minx, which is undergoing the production phase for its second season.

How Much is Ed Skrein’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Ed Skrein net worth
20th Century Fox

With her role as Alita’s archnemeses, Ed Skrein offered an outstanding performance of showing a villainous personal vendetta against Rosa Salazar’s character. Perhaps we can credit it to his long track record of portraying villains like Ajax in the box-office hit Deadpool.

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With a $7 million net worth under his name, Ed is a familiar face you can see in the third season of the hit series Game of Thrones and the movies The Transporter: Refueled and Midway.

How Much is Mahershala Ali’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Mahershala Ali net worth
20th Century Fox

When you have several prestigious accolades under your name, you best believe that you will experience a boost in your fortune. Mahershala Ali can say the same, as the two-time Oscar winner managed to amass a $12 million net worth under his name!

It seems like his wealth in real life made it easier for him to portray an influential and wealthy entrepreneur in Alita: Battle Angel.

Before Alita, Mahershala is known for his roles in Free State of Jones, Moonlight, and the award-winning movie Green Book. He’s also set to portray Blade in new MCU movies, replacing Wesley Snipes.

How Much is Christoph Waltz’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Christoph Waltz net worth
20th Century Fox

Starring as Alita’s father figure, Christoph Waltz is the man you want to do their roles perfectly. Every role Christoph portrays turns out brilliant, from a Bond’s archnemeses to a bounty hunter in Django Unchained and a cyborg scientist in Alita: Battle Angel.

Perhaps that’s why Christoph Waltz is standing nearly at the top of our list with a $30 million net worth under his name! I mean, with a career that spans decades and six prestigious awards he received, Christoph earns his keep.

How Much is Jennifer Connelly’s Net Worth?

Alita: Battle Angel cast, Jennifer Connelly net worth
20th Century Fox

Starred as Christoph Waltz’s on-screen estranged wife who stood on opposite sides, Jennifer Connelly is another famous name who joined the cast ensemble of Alita: Battle Angel. Starting her career in 1984, Jennifer is widely known for his role in the 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind, which won her an Oscar.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jennifer owns a whopping $50 million net worth! The amount is combined with her husband, fellow actor Paul Bettany. Yep, a Hollywood power couple, indeed!

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