Who is Gerard Butler Wife? Is He Married?

Gerard Butler wife and his dating history

Gerard James Butler or famously known as Gerard Butler is an American actor born in Paisley, Scotland. Lately, he looked comfortable and happy along with Morgan Brown, his beautiful girlfriend.

The two, who had a romantic relationship since October 2021, were recently photographed walking in the streets of the Big Apple (New York City).

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown kissing
Gerard Butler with his girlfriend Morgan

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown first dated in 2014 but eventually broke up in 2016. Although they went “on and off” frequently, they returned together again.

Then they returned the following summer and split again during the pandemic in 2020.

Gerard Butler’s wife, Morgan Brown

The romantic days between Gerard and Morgan first began in 2014. The two were spotted in Malibu, showing major PDA.

Gerard Butler and future wife Morgan Brown
Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown (Getty Images)

Then the newspaper stormed with this ‘discovery,’ with the fans who were delighted and sent well-wishes to Gerard and Morgan.

Two years after the news, the two split some time ago. Both Gerard and Brown then found themselves getting cozy together again on Mexico’s beach. Some thought that the moment might have been just a friendly reunion. This speculation might be true since the actor stated he was enjoying his single life in 2016.

Gerard wanted to pursue a single life because he couldn’t commit. His friend said this statement. His friend added, “He loves Morgan, but it wasn’t working.”

Furthermore, according to his friend’s explanation, Gerard wanted to be serious in filming. Gerard also thought since he had been away filming, it would be best if they went their separate ways.

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown at Oscars
Gerard Butler brings his girlfriend to 92nd annual Academy Awards (Getty)

However, in 2019, Gerard made an uproar again. He entered the 92nd annual Academy Awards at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre with Morgan Brown. Gerard and Morgan held hands and even posed for the crazy photographers.

This proof made the public frustrated. The public couldn’t keep guessing what was in the actor’s mind. Unable to find out about his relationship status,¬†a source¬†reported that the two were caught walking around New York City together. Gerard and Morgan seemed to be on good terms, as they even had a dinner date with Omar at Vaucluse.

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The public believed that Gerard and Morgan were now maintaining a healthy relationship, and it would not repeatedly “on and off” again. Their current moment together, enjoying a relaxing drive on E-Z-GO Express 4×4 ATV proved they were happy. Their friend and dog accompanied their date there, so it must be enjoyable.

In 2022, precisely on April 29, the couple appeared, running some errands together. Gerard looked pretty relaxed and wore sunglasses while his hand stuck in his pocket. Morgan looked gorgeous as usual, wore a brown outer, and carried an orange bag on her shoulder.

What might be in the thoughts of the public now? Are both Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown now ready for a commitment?

Untrue Rumor About Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston were first met in the same movie titled The Bounty Hunter. The pair reportedly dated for a year. But was this news accurate?

Gerard Butler and his ex girlfriend Jennifer Anniston
Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston (FlynetPictures)

It was said that Gerard and Jennifer cared for each other back then. And Gerard said that Jennifer was a much better kisser than Angelina Jolie. This statement was made through Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on YouTube in 2018.

Jennifer Aniston, who previously married Brad Pitt, confessed that she was heartbroken. Knowing that her ex-husband soon moved on and started a new relationship, she knew she needed to move on.

Some sources also said that since Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston had been talking regularly, they decided to take their relationship more seriously. Though they took things slow, they wanted to do this new beginning.

As cited by Micky, a source said, “Jennifer has a lot of respect toward Gerard. She has always looked back on their brief romance together and wondered ‘what if.’ They said, “But the timing just wasn’t right.

Now that they’re both single, Jennifer and Gerard met at least during the lockdown. They have been admitting that they still have feelings for each other.”

The source continued the rumors. It said that Jennifer Aniston preferred to take things slow so the relationship wouldn’t end like her relationship with Brad Pitt. As cited by Micky, the source also said that Jennifer kept her options open and was excited to see where things might go between Gerard and her.

An insider also told National Enquirer, as cited by EconoTimes, that they had been sharing late-night chats to pass the time. These late-night chats reportedly happened during the long and lonely lockdown.

EconoTimes’ source continued, “It has been a huge boost to her ego that Gerard still finds her witty and attractive. And she doesn’t want to break their romance up.”

Jennifer Aniston was not flirting with Gerard Butler, although a recent article claimed this story. Some insiders described Jennifer as ‘love-hungry’ before indicating that she was ‘romantically linked’ with Gerard Butler.

This news was disturbing since Gerard Butler got close with Morgan Brown. It would be ‘not-so-interesting’ toward Morgan.

Gerard Butler and his Romania Girlfriend Madalina Ghenea

On July 20, 2013, Gerard Butler reportedly came to Romania to meet his girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea, as said by Romania Insider. Gerard even took a helicopter to meet her. He went to Balea Lac, and then the pair started driving on Transfagarasan, Romania’s high-altitude road. Then they were seen staying at a chalet in the area.

Gerard Butler and Romania girlfriend Madalina Ghenea
Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea (Getty Images)

Their date marked Gerard’s first visit to Romania. Though Gerard had previously confirmed the split-up news after a year-long relationship, the couple were later photographed and held hands in Rome.

Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea first started the relationship in May 2012. The two also made an appearance at Capri Film Festival in December 2012. Here, Madalina accompanied Gerard, who was promoting his upcoming film titled Olympus Has Fallen. 

They looked very comfortable with each other when they posed for the photographs. Gerard looked stylish with his brown tuxedo, while Madalina looked gorgeous with her navy-blue outer, knee-length black dress, thick black tights, and a pair of dark stilettos.

The rumors spread that the pair would jet from Italy to Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay with Gerard’s family. 

As for Gerard, he was presenting the director, Antoine Fuqua, with an award. Some photographs showed Madalina constantly grinning while watching Gerard on stage.

Gerard Butler was Also Once Got Flirty with Ashley Greene

Before Gerard Butler met Madalina Ghenea, the actor was also once getting flirty with Ashley Greene, Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend, in 2011. This moment made the public think that Ashley had already moved on and began a new start with Gerard.

Gerard Butler and rumored girlfriend Ashley Greene
Gerard Butler and Ashley Greene (Getty Images)

The moment when Gerard sang along to Don’t Stop Believin’ at CFDA Awards after-party, Ashley was laughing happily. This precious event took place in the early hours of June 7.

Together, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other at the Los Angeles’ hot spot, Boom Boom Room, Lady Gaga’s glittering CFDA Awards after-party. The rumor has spread, saying the pair were getting up close and personal that day. Gerard was also reportedly seen putting his hand on Greene’s coveted behind.

All the news covered that Gerard and Ashley were together at the party. And there was no confirmation from the two. However, the truth about their relationship status couldn’t be proved.

If all the news only contained the details of Gerard and Ashley’s party, then the dating news couldn’t be considered a fact. 

Gerard Butler and A Serbian Model, Martina Rajic

And speaking of relationship rumors, Gerard was also once rumored to be close with Martina Rajic, a Serbian model. The model claimed she had been seeing the actor, though it was only for a few days. Martina’s statement was then published in a Serbian newspaper, Alo. This rumor happened in May 2010.

Gerard Butler and ex girlfriend Martina Rajic
Gerard Butler and Martina Rajic

She said this as quoted by The Mirror: “Yes, we are together, but we have been seeing each other for a few days, so I can’t tell you much about the future.”

Martina also added that she wouldn’t mind if Gerard had a one-night affair with her. She admitted that Gerard was very charming so that an affair wouldn’t have bothered her that much.

What do you think about this actor’s relationship rumors with his current girlfriend and exes?

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