Who is Charlize Theron’s New Boyfriend in 2024?

Charlize Theron husband and dating history

Charlize Theron is one of the world’s highest-paid actresses, who is not only an actress but also a producer. She appeared in The Italian Job and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Although her prominence is in the 1990s, people still talk about her personal life, especially her long-term relationships with Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn.

Charlize Theron is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Alex Dimitrijevic, since 2023.

Charlize Theron’s New Boyfriend

Charlize Theron has recently been romantically linked with Alex Dimitrijevic, a talented and sought-after model in the fashion industry. The two have been seen together at various events, sparking rumors of a blossoming relationship.

Charlize Theron and Alex Dimitrijevic
Charlize Theron and Alex Dimitrijevic

Charlize Theron and her new partner, Alex Dimitrijevic, successfully maintained the privacy of their love affair until they finally made it public in May 2023.

Charlize Theron’s Relationship with Sean Penn

Sean Penn is also a superstar and a successful producer. So, imagine two shining Hollywood stars like Sean and Charlize as a couple. Wouldn’t they be the power couple that we all dreamed of?

Charlize Theron and boyfriend Sean Penn
Charlize Theron and Sean Penn (Photo: Getty Images)

But, reality doesn’t always match our expectations. Sean Penn and Charlize Theron broke up in 2015, two years after they decided to be a couple. How serious was their relationship, though?

It tells us how talented they are both as actors and producers. 2013 wasn’t the first time Sean and Charlize met, though. They have been friends since 2004 when the two won an Oscar. They remained friends since then, and neither Sean nor Charlize would’ve thought they would be an item ten years later.

During their time as a couple, Sean and Charlize often worked together. Sean even directed Charlize in The Last Face, but the film was banned. That didn’t affect their relationship; they even grew closer as time passed.

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The romance continued. Us Weekly reported in 2014 that the couple got engaged on their trip to Paris. Sean also accompanied her to the Mad Max: Fury Road’s premiere, and they were rumored to be secretly engaged. Nobody was shocked then because Sean and Charlize seemed meant for each other.

Unfortunately, Charlize denied the news when she had an interview on The Howard Stern Show. She stated that Sean’s engagement rumors are “such a bulls**t.” Charlize also added that she’d “never wanted to get married.”

“We dated. That was literally all we did. We dated, and then we didn’t date. It was a relationship, for sure,” Charlize stated. She continued, “We never moved in or, like, no, I wasn’t going to marry him. It was nothing like that.”

That interview happened long after Charlize and Sean broke up, though. And although neither of them commented on the reason that led them to part ways, it was clear enough that the differences in seeing their relationship was the main issue.

According to some media like Vanity Fair, Sean wanted marriage so much, while we know that Charlize didn’t think it was essential for her life. 

Not only that, but Sean’s intense personality and seriousness also reportedly drift her apart. It looks like Charlize doesn’t like to deal with anything about commitment and serious stuff, doesn’t it?

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Some media also add salt to their wound by saying that Charlize just “cut it off” and even “ghosted” Sean. But, Charlize denied this rumor again by stating that the split was mutual, and they ended things like two adults that respect each other.

So, after Sean, Charlize continued to enjoy her single life and went back to focusing on her career. Much respect for Charlize Theron!

Was Stuart Townsend Charlize Theron’s Ex-Husband?

Charlize Theron was serious when she said she’d never considered marriage an essential aspect of her life. When she was in a nine-year relationship with her ex-beau, she didn’t want to settle down either – let alone her less-than-a-year relationship with Sean Penn.

The ex-beau we’re talking about is a famous actor, Stuart Townsend. The two had their first encounter at the Trapped’s movie set in 2002.

Charlize Theron and ex boyfriend Stuart Townsend
Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend (Photo: Getty Images)

Stuart described his first impression of Charlize and how he realized that he fell in love with her.

“All I remember is Charlize had a dog with her, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, there’s the mad lady with the dog!’ Stuart revealed this to Irish America

But, the perception of the “mad lady” quickly changed after he had dinner with Charlize and the director. We see that someone had been captivated by Charlize’s grace and beauty there. At that time, as Stuart described it, Charlize looked “like a million dollars.”

And, we know that the rest was history. Stuart added, “when she glams up, it’s ridiculous. She is so hot and a total goddess. That night we had so much fun. I was just smitten after that.”

At first, Stuart and Charlize didn’t aim for anything serious, and they were even surprised their relationship stayed for the next nine years.

So, to answer your question, Stuart Townsend was not Charlize’s ex-husband. But, it didn’t mean their relationship wasn’t real. In fact, Charlize described that Stuart Townsend was the best thing to ever happen to her.

“We sat at a dinner, and we couldn’t get enough of each other’s conversation,” Charlize gushed about Stuart with Oprah Winfrey.

The years went by, and the two had ups and downs. Charlize realized that both of them had tried their best to keep the relationship working. And, when the spark was no longer there, the pair had given their utmost attention to figuring things out.

According to source, Charlize decided to step back from her career to work on her relationship with Stuart.

However, just like most relationships, love could quickly run its course. When Charlize and Stuart had a holiday in Mexico, Charlize realized something: her relationship was over. According to multiple sources, Charlize felt the relationship was more like a “brother and sister” than a couple. And it was also Charlize who ended things first.

Although Stuart was devastated about Charlize’s decision, he respected her enough and took time to work on himself. They broke up in 2011.

Charlize Theron Was Single for Five Years After Parting Ways with Stephan Jenkins 

We will dive into Charlize’s relationship before meeting Stuart Townsend. And, surprisingly, it was in 1997. What made her take that long to start dating again, though? Was her breakup at that time too traumatic for her?

Charlize’s first public relationship was with the Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins. Stephan and Charlize were together for three years.

Charlize Theron with her ex bf Stephan Jenkins
Charlize Theron and Stephan Jenkins (Photo: Bauer Griffin)

However, there wasn’t much information about Stephan and Charlize’s relationship. But, to answer our former question, her breakup with Stephan Jenkins wasn’t traumatic at all, and it wasn’t why she was single for the next five years.

Charlize admitted in some of her interviews that the breakup was amicable and mutual. Although the reason remained a mystery, there wasn’t any serious fight or a tense situation between Charlize and Stephan.

However, she decided to be single for years because she adopted two children: Jackson in 2012 and August in 2015. 

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Although Charlize had never been a fan of walking down an aisle with a man, she had been enjoying her role as a single mother all these years.

According to Distractify, Charlize was a proud single mother who never wanted to bring a man along on her parenthood journey. She’s not only an independent woman for herself but also a great mother.

Charlize had always prioritized her children’s well-being over her romantic life – whoever she was dating then. We can’t stress enough about how much we adore her.

In 2015, when she adopted August, she filed all the paperwork alone without Sean’s help. That shows us how Charlize never needs a man. She would be in a relationship if she wanted to, but she never needed it. An icon, indeed.

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