Who Has Vanessa Kirby Dated? The Crown Star Has Found Love Off-screen as well!

Vanessa Kirby with her new boyfriend and her dating history

Unlike her counterparts, Vanessa isn’t interested in spilling her private life to the media. However, we probably will see that the mask is slowly fading away.

Does Vanessa Kirby have a Boyfriend?

There are some rumors surrounding the actress’ love interest. In 2023, Daily Mail reported that Vanessa had a casual dinner with her fellow artist, Christopher Abbott.

An insider said that the pair looked relaxed around each other and seemed like a soon-to-be couple. The peaceful attitude from Vanessa and Christopher may occur because they had been working on the same title called, “The World to Come,” in 2020.

Vanessa Kirby and her current boyfriend Paul Rabil
Vanessa Kirby with Paul Rabil (Photo: Instagram)

However, some fans also caught Vanessa walking alongside Paul Rabil in 2023. The two events were near, with Vanessa trying to find another suitable person to enter her heart.

In his recent Instagram post showering Vanessa with praise and affection, we glimpse their burgeoning relationship.

Paul Rabil instagram caption

Between photos of them smiling together in tropical locales and references to their initial meeting, it’s clear Rabil wants the world to know how much Kirby means to him.

According to reports, this public declaration marks a sweet turning point, as the low-key couple has quietly been dating since last fall.

With his barrier-breaking documentary laying so much of his own story bare, it seems Rabil is now ready to open up about the real-life happiness he’s also found off the field.

Vanessa Kirby and Callum Turner

Vanessa Kirby and Callum Turner
Vanessa Kirby and Callum Turner

After finishing their work together in the 2014 film “Queen and Country,” the story between Callum Turner and Vanessa Kirby having a romantic spark began to emerge.

It was your generic Hollywood love story, with Vanessa slowly developing her feelings toward Callum during the filming. The public did not hear anything about this, and we gave the couple collective applause for their secretive nature. However, Vanessa finally spilled the beans in 2017 during the set of “Mission Impossible: Fallout.”

In the film, Vanessa has a scene where she kisses Ethan Hunt, a character Tom Cruise plays. The kiss was displayed passionately and flirtatiously, driving the viewers’ suspicion to the highest level. Unfortunately for the fans, Vanessa already had someone special in her heart. She revealed that she and Callum had been dating since 2015.

Vanessa’s life has changed for good by denying the rumors by telling the media the truth. The London-born actress also told the press that she did not want to reveal her boyfriend and status; however, the condition urged her to do so. Fortunately for the couple, the media did not pry too much on their lives.

Sadly, the joyous romance between the two collapsed in 2020. The couple’s spokesperson told the media that Vanessa and Callum did not have the time to indulge in their relationship. “The two received tons of film offers, and they could not reject them.

Because of that, the relationship suffered a heavy blow since the pair did not have the time to meet. They have decided to part ways, not because of a conflict but because the schedules took a heavy blow on them,” the insider said.

Vanessa Kirby and Douglas Booth: Are expectations gone wild?

Vanessa Kirby and Douglas Booth
Vanessa Kirby and Douglas Booth

Vanessa had the time of her life with Callum Turner. She has an excellent career, a loving boyfriend, and a stable lifestyle. However, when Vanessa tried to enjoy it a little more, everything turned against her. Almost in an instant, the “Great Expectations” actress has everything she belonged to gone away.

But we all knew that Vanessa was a strong woman. In terms of experience, her amicable breakup with Callum was not the first time. Before her time with Callum, Vanessa had another precious man that dwelled inside her heart. His name was Douglas Booth.

The story between the two began when Vanessa and Douglas were on the same set, working on the 2011 TV series “Great Expectations.” The England-born actor profoundly impacted Vanessa, especially considering she needed a man to soothe her weeping heart. During that period, a man left Vanessa, which may have broken Vanessa’s heart, a tale that we will discover later.

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The couple’s fans took notice of Vanessa and Douglas’s attitude on the series. The two showed unparalleled chemistry, which prompted the fans to dig into the relationship between Vanessa Kirby and Douglas Booth. A representative then came forward and told the media that Vanessa Kirby was the legitimate girlfriend of Douglas Booth.

“Everything fell apart when Chris contacted Vanessa to ask about her relationship with Douglas. Since Chris would be working together with Douglas, Vanessa said that she was dating Douglas. Chris then said that it’ll be awkward before ending the conversation.”

Sadly, it never fully blossomed into a long-lasting relationship. In 2013, some reports claimed the separation between Vanessa Kirby and Douglas Booth. The sources did not reveal the undermining reason, and we still need to figure out why the abrupt end of the couple’s relationship.

Vanessa Kirby and Christian Cooke: A love ended too soon?

We are finally here! We got to the point when we heard Vanessa’s romantic tales for the first time. The saga occurred in 2009 when Vanessa Kirby was trying to enter the fray inside Hollywood. Around her, she met an adorable actor with whom she shared the same nationality. His name was Christian Cooke, and he would change Vanessa’s life for good.

Christian Cooke in Magic City TV Series
Christian Cooke in Magic City

We did not know the circumstances behind the meeting between Vanessa Kirby and Christian Cooke; however, we did know they had a special relationship. The couple began to share their moments in 2009, just when Christian had already released two TV series called “Demons” and “Doctor Who.”

The relationship took off, but it never went to the intended destination. After two years, Vanessa and Christian chose to part ways. We did know why they decided to end their relationship, and it seems that Vanessa and Christian never tried to disclose the fact to the public. Things got out of hand for a little while when Christian and Douglas (Vanessa’s new boyfriend) met during the set of “Romeo and Juliet.” Fortunately, the two gentlemen handled the situation perfectly.

It was also an awkward situation for Vanessa, considering that it did not take long for her to replace Christian with another man. In the end, Vanessa may tell everyone involved to calm down and continue their work professionally.

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