What Really Happened Between Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia?

Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia only dated for a short time.

Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia relationship timeline

Pedro Pascal’s name began reverberating globally after starring in some major films. “Game of Thrones,” “The Mandalorian,” “The Last of Us,” and a Chinese-American action film “The Great Wall.”

As Pedro began to rise on Hollywood’s chart, people started to dig into his personal life, including his past or maybe his current relationship. Like they do say, fame does not come cheap. Without further ado, let’s start exploring. 

The Love Story That Never Takes Off: Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia

Right, we need to make a bit of a threshold here. Pedro Pascal is a very secretive person, especially about his personal life. But, we did manage to extract some information regarding his dating history. This one, let’s say, was the one that sparked at the start. 

A long time ago, Pedro Pascal dreamed that someday he could be one of the stars in Hollywood. He did; in fact, Pedro took it by storm. Yet, most of the world didn’t know the story of his initial upbringing.

Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia photos
Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia (Photo: Getty Images)

On the set of the “Law and Order” TV show, Pedro met with Maria Dizzia. We assumed they didn’t instantly get along; however, as the time progressed, they knew that they had that special connection.

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They began to kick start their relationship around the 1990s. Suggest reported that the relationship went well for both parties. As we said, they had the chemistry on and off the stage. Then, this is where the threshold kicks in; we didn’t know anything other than that.

Maria Dizzia Instagram selfie
Maria Dizzia (Photo: Instagram)

We certainly hoped that it was a meaningful relationship for Pedro Pascal and Maria. The same source remarked that both of them gradually began their steady rise to fame. 

Sadly, the only thing we know about Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia’s romantic affair is what we all dislike. 

Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia’s Relationship

Pedro Pascal and Maria Dizzia started their romantic affair pretty well. Well, that was what we assumed. Meaww reported that Pedro and Maria only dated for a short time. Their relationships reportedly ended around 2011.

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And, yes, you’ve guessed it, there are no pieces of information regarding how and why they chose to part ways. We do hope it wasn’t something disastrous that led to them breaking up, just a minor frivolity of personal views on what they want to pursue more: Relationship or career?

Fortunately, Life Continues to March Forward

Pedro Pascal’s mind is full of dreams. It seems that this sentence accurately describes how Pedro approaches his life after he loses the intimate touch of Maria Dizzia. He landed several high-profile series or films the following year, before his penultimate appearance in “Game of Thrones.” The rest, yep, is history. 

Pedro also tried to rekindle his long-lost romantic touch. Rumors sparked when he supposedly had a love affair with his “Game of Thrones” colleague, Lena Headey, back in 2014.

Pedro Pascal and rumored girlfriend Lena Headey
Pedro Pascal and Lena Headey (Photo: Getty Images)

However, Lena denied all involvement in her supposed relationship with Pedro. Pedro allegedly has a special relationship with Robin Tunney, but no confirmation came from both parties.

Recently, some reports stated that Pedro Pascal and Sara Poulsen were a pair. The two have been best friends since 1993, and it is still going strong today. So, it is not a surprise to see people begin to doubt Pedro’s friendly manner toward Sarah as an act of flirtation.

No confirmation or refusal about their relationship. Maria Dizzia, on the other hand, had finally found her solace. She continues to play in several acts, and according to The Interval NY, she recently started her career directing the plays.

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About her private life, Maria is married to another actor, Will Eno, and has a daughter named Albertine.

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