Spencer Boldman Dating History: How He Found Love With His Girlfriend, Antonia DeNardo

Spencer Boldman dating history

The used-to-be Disney star and now a hot, mature man: Spencer Boldman, is one of a kind. His filmography list might not be long, but Spencer had played alongside Zendaya and Emily Ratajkowski throughout his career as an actor.

But, being some famous actresses’ costars isn’t the main reason behind Spencer’s fame and massive recognition. Spencer has a great talent and a handsome face, so it’s not surprising if he can make his luck in Hollywood.

Are those two things also bringing luck to Spencer’s romantic life? We’ll provide that information thoroughly below. 

Get to Know about Spencer Boldman’s Girlfriend, Antonia DeNardo

Spencer Boldman with his girlfriend Antonia DeNardo
Spencer Boldman, Antonia DeNardo (Photo: Instagram)

Spencer Boldman remained very secretive about his love life, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get any information about it. Spencer is dating the owner of “DeNardo Ventures,” Antonia DeNardo

Although Antonia DeNardo and Spencer Boldman are still together until now, many media have reported that the two broke up in 2015.

But, we can see on Antonia’s Instagram that the pair are still pretty much in love. The newest photo of Spencer that she uploaded was in July 2020, showing us their cute selfies with a caption that goes:

@spencerboldman CAN’T WAIT for everyone to see you in your next project.”

Spencer then replied to her post with a dancing and nervous-face emoji. They’re just so cute and supportive of each other!

Spencer Boldman and Antonia DeNardo relationship
Antonia DeNardo and Spencer Boldman (Image: Instagram)

So, how did Antonia DeNardo and Spencer Boldman meet for the first time? And how’s their relationship journey throughout the years?

We want to know that information as badly as you do, but Spencer is too good at hiding his personal information. He never addressed his first encounter with Antonia or mentioned how long they’d been together. All we can know is they are currently head over heels with each other, and that seems to be the only thing that Spencer and Antonia are willing to share.

At least we can see on Spencer and Antonia’s Instagram page that they’re still together now. Spencer frequently shared their sweet moments, one of them was when they had fun traveling together. But, again, he didn’t provide more details than showing the world how good and happy they looked together.

For some of you who don’t know, Spencer Boldman already had one son. In January 2017, Spencer tweeted a sweet photo of him with his son, whose name he didn’t reveal. He also wrote, “enjoying fatherhood” for that picture. Of course, we can guess people’s reactions to that tweet. Some of them gave heartwarming comments, and the rest were completely shocked.

It’s understandable, though. Because, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Spencer never addressed his relationship publicly, and suddenly he had a son? Of course, that’s a surprising fact. 

The mother of his son remained a secret, too. It could be a kid that he shared with Antonio, and it could also be with his previous ex, which we talked about very soon.

So, looking at how happy Spencer is with his current girlfriend, it’s safe to say they’ll take a more serious step in their relationship in no time. But, don’t get your expectations too high because Spencer might not announce his wedding too quickly.

Spencer’s Romance with His Costar, Kelli Berglund

Spencer Boldman and Kelli Berglund relationship
Spencer Boldman and Kelli Berglund

Before Antonia DeNardo entered Spencer’s life, he had one past relationship with his co star in Disney’s comedy show Lab Rats. That lucky girl is Kelli Berglund.

Kelli and Spencer had strong chemistry in that series, and Lab Rats was what made Spencer’s fame skyrocketing. 

However, it’s Spencer being Spencer. During his relationship with Kelli, Spencer wasn’t open about his romance with her. We’re not sure why the two agreed to keep it under the rug. 

The news about Kelli and Spencer’s relationship began rising in 2012 when the series was aired for the first time. Although the couple didn’t give details about when and how they started to be boyfriend and girlfriend, some media reported that they broke up in 2013. Of course, the reason why their relationship didn’t work remained secret until now because neither Spencer nor Kelli opened up about it publicly.

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After Spencer, Kelli entered a new relationship with a sweet guy from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Noah Centineo. That relationship happened quickly. In 2013, Kelli reportedly dated Noah right after she broke up with Spencer. Could Spencer and Kelli’s relationship end in a bad term? Well, it was only Spencer and Kelli that knew the answer. 

Another thing about her relationship with Noah was that she was more open about it than when Kelli was with Spencer. Her relationship with Noah was even described as “full of excitement and adventure” by some media. Although this didn’t indicate anything, it made us wonder, right? 

Unlike Antonia, Spencer never posted Kelli on his social media. The same thing happened to Kelli’s social media, too. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see a glimpse of their romantic moment when they were still together. 

And then, another question arises: are Spencer Boldman and Kelli Berglund still friends now? We’re not sure about that either. Because the two didn’t follow each other on Instagram, we can’t assume anything. 

Spencer Boldman’s List of Dating Rumors

Spencer Boldman looking good

Besides his two official relationships, Spencer was rumored to be with some A-listers. Well, it’s a no-brainer that an actor who’s as handsome and as talented as him had many people and media that wanted him to date some people, although it ended up being wishful thinking. 

The first name on the list is Debby Ryan, his costar in the series Break-Up and Shape-Up. The rumor started circling in 2013, but it fizzled out as soon as it started to get viral. 

The second name is a famous actress from the Spiderman Homecoming and Euphoria, Zendaya. Yes, that iconic Zendaya that we’re talking about. We’ve mentioned earlier that Spencer and Zendaya used to costar in Zapped. The romance rumor arose in 2014 when their film became a big hit. 

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We know that Spencer never confirmed or denied any of his relationship rumors, but he didn’t mind showing his closeness with the Euphoria star. In 2015, Spencer wrote a tweet that complimented her, saying:

“@Zendaya, you are a badass & a great role model in a business and a world where there are too few.” 

Spencer Boldman tweet

Although that tweet didn’t indicate that the two were a couple, it’s relieving to know that Spencer gushed about her, right?!

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