Kelli Berglund 4 Tattoos & Meanings

Kelli Berglund Tattoos

Kelli Berglund is well known for portraying Bree Davenport in the Disney XD series Lab Rats and its spinoff Lab Rats: Elite Force. She has appeared in numerous commercials for brands such as Old Navy, Hyundai, Mattel, Bratz, McDonald’s, and Charter Telephone.

She also contributed to the song Something Real in 2014 along with China Anne McClain. Kelli has a few tattoos. Let us look at the ones she has and the meanings behind them.

Latin Phrase Tattoo

In 2016, she got the Latin phrase “vigilans diligentia auxilium” inked on her left arm. Translated to “watchful diligence assistance“. The tattoo was Jon Boy’s work at West 4 Tattoo studio in New York.

Kelli Berglund Latin Phrase Tattoo
Kelli Berglund Latin Phrase Tattoo

Roman Numeral Tattoo

She has Roman Numerals LXV (65) inked on her left arm.

Kelli Berglund Roman Numeral Tattoo

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Tattoo on her inner bicep

Kelli Berglund Tattoo on her inner bicep

Rose Tattoo

Kelli has tiny rose tattoo on her left side.

Kelli Berglund Rose Tattoo
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