Here’s Why Sarah Hyland Blames Her Torso for Her Relatively Short Height

Sarah Hyland Height

Sarah Hyland is one of the former child actors who managed to stay famous in the ruthless Hollywood competitive industry. Rose to fame thanks to her role as the first-born of the Dunphy family in the hit sitcom Modern Family, Sarah Hyland is just as fashionable as her on-screen persona!

Her top-notch fashion sense makes her appear elegant, to the point that not many people realize that Sarah Hyland is shorter than the average American woman. While the actress has nothing against her height, she once blamed her torso for making her measurement an inch shorter than it was supposed to be.

How Tall is Sarah Hyland?

Sarah Hyland cute as a button

Sarah Hyland stands at 5 feet 2 inches or equals 157 centimeters. With her slim build and beautiful facial features, she began to turn heads once she turned legal in Modern Family, with some fans even dubbing her the next-generation bombshell!

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Known for her cheery and confident aura, Sarah never publicly shares her concerns or anxiety about having a short height. It helps that the actress has long, slim legs. Not many realize that Sarah is only 157 centimeters. However, she once blamed her “short torso” for her height.

Sarah Hyland tweet about her height

“If my torso were proportionate to my legs, I’d be around 5’6,” Sarah tweeted.

Well, Sarah, your torso (no matter how short it is) doesn’t take the beauty out of you, sweetie!

Does Sarah Hyland Have the Shortest Height in Modern Family?

With a large cast ensemble during the show runs for a decade, Modern Family is known for having a vast range of cast, be it in ethnicity, gender, or even height!

Ariel Winter with Sarah Hyland
Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland (Getty Images)

Our beloved Haley Dunphy ranks the second shortest, only taller than her on-screen younger sister, Alex Dunphy. Ariel Winters, who portrayed Alex, stands at 5 feet 1 inches or equals more or less 149 centimeters.

Throughout the show, Sarah Hyland dates multiple guys before eventually ending up with her high school sweetheart, Dylan Marshall. Portrayed by Reid Ewing, Dylan towered over his on-screen wife with a 6 feet 2 inches or 188 centimeters height!

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Fun fact: Sarah’s on-screen husband is only two inches taller than her real-life husband, Wells Adams, who stands at 6 feet or 183 centimeters.

Huh. It seems Sarah Hyland is destined to marry a much taller guy after all!

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