Who is Rhona Mitra Boyfriend? Is She Married?

Rhona Mitra Boyfriend and past affairs

Rhona Natasha Mitra, also known as Rhona Mitra, is an actress from London, England. At first, Rhona had minor roles in several movies until she was trusted to play a leading role in Party of Five in 1994. 

This actress is single, but she previously had three romantic relationships. The guys rumored to be Rhona’s partners were John Mayer, Matt Damon, and Bradley Cooper. Were those stories true?

Does Rhona Mitra Have A Boyfriend?

Rhona Mitra engagement rumors
Rhona Mitra (Instagram)

This news might shock everyone on the internet. Because, on Wednesday morning, precisely on December 7, 2022, there was a report that Rhona Mitra shopped for engagement rings.

The actress was not alone at the time, as she was seen with a guy.

Moreover, the accessory which caught Rhona’s attention was a giant diamond bauble. As we know, this kind of accessory was the one that usually slipped on a woman’s ring finger.

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This rumor made Twitter go frenzy, and one user commented, “So many people would flip, but if the pair at some point announced they were engaged, I’d be happy.”

However, this news seemed false, as Rhona Mitra’s representative firmly said, “No comment,” when asked about the actress’ marriage plan. This answer made people wonder if Sun-Times started a crazy false rumor.

Although you may be disappointed with this news, let’s hope the best for the actress. 

Could Bradley Cooper Be the Potential Husband of Rhona Mitra?

In 2008, Rhona Mitra’s name became famous when she sparked a romance rumor with Bradley Cooper.

This charming prince might have made girls’ eyes couldn’t help but stare at him, and it was a surprise that he was rumored to be with Rhona Mitra.

Rhona Mitra and Bradley Cooper
Rhona Mitra and Bradley Cooper

Unfortunately, both parties’ representatives said they were clueless about it.

However, in 2011, Rhona Mitra and Bradley Cooper enjoyed the day in Central Park. Bradley was seen sucking down a snow cone with Rhona Mitra, and an eyewitness overheard Bradley stating, “I need to start getting in shape so I can get photographed.”

Since there was no confirmation from either party, it is safe to say that this relationship was just a rumor.

This rumor also meant that the two never broke up since Rhona Mitra and Bradley Cooper never had a special thing.

Could John Mayer Ever be Rhona Mitra’s Boyfriend?

Who wouldn’t know about John Mayer? The guy who was well-known for his song titled Your Body is a Wonderland reportedly dated Rhona Mitra back in 2005.

Rhona Mitra and rumored boyfriend John Mayer
Rhona Mitra and John Mayer

The pair gained immense attention from the fans whenever they were seen in public. Although the couple didn’t confirm the dating rumor, the media kept saying it meant yes.

Both parties tried their best to keep their affair under wraps. The media couldn’t be sure about their romantic relationship for a few months, as John Mayer and Rhona Mitra never confirmed the news.

Interestingly, Rhona Mitra also appeared alongside John Mayer’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Love Hewitt, on the Fox series Party of Five.

And all the rumors seemed to disappear as time went by. Rhona Mitra set her focus on having a successful career, while John Mayer kept spending his time making Hollywood women fall for him.

The Former Boyfriends of Rhona Mitra, Matt Damon, and Carl Hagmier

The gorgeous actress kept making the public curious about who might be her partner. One of the actors rumored to have a relationship with Rhona Mitra was Carl Hagmier.

The two were reportedly dating sometime in 2003.

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We couldn’t know whether the two did have a thing. There were no other details about their relationship.

Perhaps the two were trying to keep everything under wraps until Rhona Mitra was reportedly dating Matt Damon. We could also spot Rhona Mitra standing beside Matt Damon in the crowd in this tweet.

Rhona Mitra and Matt Damon dating rumors
Rhona Mitra and Matt Damon

As for Carl Hagmaier, it is known that Carl is a prominent businessman. Rumors said that Carl Hagmier was married to Brooke Langton, while he also had a relationship rumor with Rhona Mitra and Brittany Daniel.

Ultimately, we couldn’t say whether the actress ever had a genuine relationship with guys, as all the news was just a rumor. But this fact might have assured Rhona Mitra’s fans, though.

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