Naomi Has Been Adam Scott Wife for Almost Two Decades

Looking at his last name, you might wonder whether he’s related to Naomi Scott. The answer to that is no. They’re not related as siblings, but they’re husband and wife!

Adam Scott and Naomi Scott
Adam Scott and Naomi Scott

Not only that, they’ve been married for more than a decade. 

The Love Story of Adam Scott and His Wife Naomi

Yes, we’re serious when we say that Adam Scott and Naomi Scott have been married for more than ten years. They’ve been together for seventeen years, to be exact. The two shared two children, and their married life is something that everyone gushes about. And in this article, we’ll tell you why you should be jealous of them. 

Before we start, we want to remind you not to be mistaken for Naomi Scott, who played Jasmine in Aladdin and appeared in Charlie’s Angels. The two have an identical name, indeed. However, Naomi Scott, whom we’re talking about here, is a writer and producer.

Naomi Scott played Jasmine in Aladdin
Naomi Scott as Jasmine in Aladdin (2019)

Naomi and Adam Scott’s married life lasted even longer than some celebrities’ careers in Hollywood (yes, we said what we said). The pair married in 2005, and it grew even stronger.

If 2005 seemed a long time ago, wait until you know when Naomi and Adam met for the first time. The Town & Country Magazine reported these lovely pairs had their first encounter in 1998. Adam and Naomi crossed paths at a bar on Sunset Boulevard. Even though they worked in the same field, who would’ve thought their first meeting didn’t happen on the set?

Naomi and Adam began dating in no time. However, it took them seven years before they decided to tie the knot. Well, it’s crucial to build a strong foundation and understanding of each other before exchanging vows, though. So, we can agree that Adam and Naomi made the right choice.

Adam Scott with his wife
Adam Scott with his wife Naomi (Image: Instagram)

During interviews, Naomi and Adam couldn’t stop gushing about each other. For example, Adam’s 2019 interview with She Knows said, “I couldn’t do it without Naomi. We have a great partnership at home and professionally, making the family juggling much easier when we can all be together.”

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Not only that, but Adam also mentioned that Naomi is “the coolest, the smartest, the funniest, and the most beautiful.” He said that in his interview with Us Weekly

However, everyone can gush about their partners during the interview or on social media, but few can maintain a marriage that lasts. And we can’t help but be curious about how Adam and Naomi can do it. 

Adam Scott and Naomi Secret to a Long-lasting Marriage

Adam Scott and Naomi Scott long lasting marriage
Adam Scott and Naomi Scott (Image: Instagram)

Adam and Naomi don’t talk too much about how they can make their relationship work all this time. They’re the perfect embodiment of a “talk less, do more” couple. They showed it by action and putting in the work continuously rather than impressing people through their words.

That’s why, even without their constant post about how happy their families are, people still consider them the most joyful and most lovely couple Hollywood has ever had. 

Naomi and Adam rarely create drama or put their problems out there for people to comment on. They mostly talk about how lucky they are to be each other’s life partners.

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They’ve already been together for almost two decades and still feel blessed to have each other. How could we not be jealous of them?! One of the crucial keys in their married life is privacy and keeping important things for themselves.

Adam Scott and Naomi Scott selfie

Exceeding in their careers also has never distracted them from their priorities as parents. No matter how successful they are in their career, seeing their kids growing up as kind and loving individuals is something they’re always grateful for. 

In one of Adam’s Instagram posts, he wrote a caption as follows: 

“I marvel at what an incredible mother she is – and the kind, smart, caring people our kids are as a result.” He wrote that alongside a selfie of him with the whole family, and we can see how close their kids are to him and Naomi. They’re great parents, indeed.

They Never Let Their Sons to Touch Social Media, Yet

When talking about parenting, Adam and Naomi have their unique way of raising their kids. Their kids, Frankie Scott and Graham Scott are teenagers now, and it’s no secret that it could be the most challenging time to be a parent when their kids are in that phase. 

The Good Place actor revealed that he and Naomi never let their kids touch social media. At least not until they’re “mature” enough not to take anything online seriously.

“They don’t have phones yet. All the parents in their classes have taken this pledge to wait until 8th grade to give them phones,” Adam stated in his interview. 

He continued, “They shouldn’t have to worry about social media. As much as we can, we [Adam and Naomi] try to keep that stuff at bay, so they don’t have to worry about it.”

In the era where everyone wants to update the world about what’s going on in their lives, Adam and Naomi thought differently. The two want to ensure their sons enjoy their teenage life playing outside and pursuing things essential for them rather than caring about what people say about them on social media.

That’s quite unusual for parents who work in the entertainment industry. So, what do you guys think? Is it a wise choice to take as parents nowadays? We think so. 

Adam has so many funny tweets talking about his sons. But that doesn’t mean Adam is entirely on hiatus on social media. He’s pretty private but still putting how funny their kids are on his social media, especially Twitter.

One of them is when he uploads a photo of the Legos that his son made. He also wrote alongside that picture as follows: 

“My son made a Cronos machine out of Legos while watching tonight’s ep! My thumb is now immortal #GHOSTED.”

Now we understand how Adam and Naomi put their best work into their families and careers. Much respect for them. They deserve all the happiness in this world because people like Adam and Naomi make us believe that real love does exist. 

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