Todd Lasance Never Shies Away from Declaring His Undying Love to His Wife, And We’re All for It

Australian actor Todd Lasance, known for his supporting role as Julian on the hit series The Vampire Diaries and the upcoming NCIS spin-off NCIS: Sydney, is one of the rare actors who always wholeheartedly expresses his love to his wife.

Todd Lasance married life
Todd Lasance and Jordan Wilcox

Having been together for nearly two decades, Todd Lasance and his wife Jordan are still head over heels with each other as ever!

The couple has just welcomed their second child and appears to be loving their family life more than ever!

Inside Todd Lasance’s Long-Lasting Relationship with Jordan Wilcox

In a 2017 interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Todd Lasance is all for gushing about his now-wife, Jordan Wilcox!

Todd Lasance and his wife Jordan Wilcox
Todd Lasance and with his wife Jordan Wilcox (Instagram)

He praises Jordan as “a selfless human who has a calming nature,” a perfect match for Todd with his “over-hyperactivity.”

“I wasn’t looking for her when she came into my world,” the actor admitted. “We aren’t married, but it’s the first time I feel I actually could do that in life,” Todd added.

True to his words, the Aussie got down on one knee in 2019, three years after they welcomed their first child. In their engagement announcement, Todd claimed to be “the luckiest man on this planet.”

The pair tied the knot the following year, surrounded by family and friends, just shy of two months from the global lockdown courtesy of a pandemic (thank goodness!).

“This day was the happiest day of my life other than seeing my little Charlie come into this world,” Todd wrote in the caption. “I just want the entire world to know how happy I am to have found you,” he continued.

Seriously, if they separated, we would not believe in love!

How Todd Lasance’s Life Changed After Having A Family

For most actors, it would be easier to move around and live out of a suitcase, what with the jobs that require them to jump on a plane and fly to filming sets on the other side of the world.

However, that’s not the case with Todd Lasance! According to Now to Love, the actor claimed that his family “has put so many things in perspective.”

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Not to mention that Todd and Jordan’s firstborn, Charlie, had gotten into the age of starting school, so it’s essential for the family to “have a little bit of extra stability.”

Settling down in Queensland proved to be the perfect step for their family, as Todd’s family soon expanded in June 2023 with the birth of their second child, Beau.

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