Who is Mike Rowe Wife? Find Out About His Married Life Here

Mike Rowe wife and dating history

Mike Rowe is a TV host and narrator. If you didn’t see his face that often on TV, you still must’ve been familiar with his work: Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Not long after that, Mike also hosted a series produced for Facebook called Returning the Favor. He is a man with many talents.

Who would’ve thought that a man as funny and easygoing as Mike is very private about his personal life? Many people have been wondering about his love life, which we will give you all the information about here.

Is Mike Rowe Married?

In the meantime, many of his fans have also questioned is Mike Rowe married? The multi-talented TV host is yet to be married neither does have a wife. He isn’t dating anyone officially at this moment.

Рrеvіоuѕlу, Mike Rowe has been romantically linked with two female celebrities, but none of his relationships led to marriage.

Mike Rowe’s Current “Secret Girlfriend” Couldn’t Care Less about His Stardom and Being Famous

If we search about Mike’s relationship, the news that came up is far from happy ones: he had been cheated on in the past. In addition, he had been going through some failed relationships.

However, things started to turn out alright for Mike. During a virtual interview with Kara Mayer Robinson in January 2021, Mike revealed that he has been in a long-term relationship with a woman, whose identity he did not reveal.

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He was hesitant to tell people because he and his “secret girlfriend” wanted to go through their relationship in peace and away from the media exposure. Besides, Mike said that his girl works in a completely different area from Mike and couldn’t care less about being famous.

“She has little to no interest in my work, which helps us to keep our relationship away from the radar,” told the Dirty Jobs actor in the virtual interview.

Mike praised his girlfriend, saying that she is very independent, and Mike couldn’t be more grateful to have a woman like that. He stated that a woman who cared more about herself rather than pleasing her spouse is the only one that could make him fall in love.

That’s the only information that Mike revealed in the interview. So, we don’t know for sure whether or not the relationship is still going until now. But, we hope that Mike could enjoy his life in peace with a woman that could understand him the most.

Mike Rowe’s Latest Famous Relationship with Danielle Burgio

In 2015, Mike had a relationship with Beyond the Sky actress Danielle Burgio. It was Mike’s latest public relationship, and they didn’t even reveal many things that we can know of.

Mike Rowe and ex girlfriend Dаnіеllе Вurgіо
Mike Rowe and Dаnіеllе Вurgіо (Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

Danielle is an actress, filmmaker, Hollywood stuntwoman, and a successful Broadway dancer! She sounds pretty good at what she’s doing. It seems like Mike has a thing for a bold, independent and talented woman (well, who doesn’t?)

She rose to prominence after being a Trinity fight double in The Matrix. After that, Danielle continued to amaze us with her work in The Amazing Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, and Hangover 3.

However, the details of their relationship is unknown. We know that Mike and Danielle started being a couple in 2015, but they never made public appearances together. Not only that, Danielle and Mike hardly ever mentioned their relationship in their interviews, and we don’t know how long the relationship stayed. That’s how good Mike maintained his privacy.

After his relationship with Danielle, Mike didn’t date anyone else until he revealed it earlier this year. It means that he stayed single for around five years. It makes us wonder what happened between him and Danielle. Or maybe he wanted to enjoy his single life and focus more on his career at that time? It could be.

Danielle, on the other hand, continued to jump into another relationship after Mike. She is currently married to Robert Merrill, who was her costar in the movie Backlash. Like when she was with Mike Rowe, Danielle also keeps his married life with Robert as private as possible. These people know the consequences of revealing too much about their personal life.

Mike Rowe and Sandy Dotson, a Successful Executive

Mike Rowe was also reported to be dating Sandy Dotson. If you’re not familiar with her name, that’s because she doesn’t work in the entertainment industry. Instead, she is an executive at a data-management company.

Mike Rowe and Sandy Dotson
Sandy Dotson, Jordan Shlain, and Mike Rowe (Photo: Drew Altizer)

However, she had her appearance in two episodes of Dirty Jobs, in which people believed how she could meet Mike. However, some media also stated that the two met through mutual friends.

The rumor first sparked when some paparazzi caught them on vacation together. The two looked more than just friends.

His fans became more convinced about his relationship with Sandy after Mike mentioned that he was “in a relationship with an understanding woman from San Francisco” at that time. Even though he didn’t mention her name, people know that Sandy was born there. Coincidence?

Neither Sandy nor Mike talked about the relationship publicly or addressed the rumor at all.

On Being Cheated On in the Past

Even though we might lack information about the identity of Mike’s lovers, Mike wasn’t reluctant to share some experiences that he had been going through, including getting cheated on by one of his ex-girlfriends.

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He addressed this story earlier this year, still in the same virtual interview where he gave us a hint about his secret girlfriend.

Mike explained the way it feels to be betrayed and cheated on. He said it was “hurt, though not entirely devastating.”

He also revealed that he had a breakdown after going home. However, before that, his ex-girlfriend approached and confessed to him. Even though he said he could see it coming, it still hurt so bad, but he forgave her anyway.

If you already thought that “what a nice man he is” at this moment, wait until you hear that he also asked his ex-girlfriend to “forgive herself.” He then added, “I believe that cheating someone was cheating on oneself.”

The ex-girlfriend that cheated on Mike could be anyone that we have mentioned earlier, could be not. He is so secretive about his lovers’ identity. But one thing we can know from his is how big of a heart he has and how he approached life with kindness and sincerity. The man that we all stand for.

Mike Rowe Doesn’t Want to Have a Child: What’s His Reason?

Mike has his own opinion about having children. We all know already that up to this point, this handsome, talented actor doesn’t have any children, and he said he never regretted it.

It doesn’t mean that he never wanted it, though. On the contrary, he opened up in one of his interviews about his desire in the past to adopt children. Still, he didn’t proceed further to do it without telling us the reason why.

Not only that, he then added that he used to have a girlfriend, whom he loved very much, who asked him to have children with him. She even wanted to have more than two kids and wanted Mike to be the father. It might sound perfect for him and us at that time, but Mike had his own take about that.

Mike and Freddy
Mike and Freddy (Instagram)

He explained that knowing his girlfriend was more interested in having children than being his wife said a lot about the situation. Mike thought that his girlfriend should be interested and put more effort into building a married life with him first, before even focusing on having kids, not the other way around.

Mike was inspired by the way their parents raised him. His parents, John Rowe and Penny Rowe had a lovely and healthy marriage that stayed for decades. He saw how his parents valued their marriage above all else, even before their children and family matters. And that is how the ideal family should be like, he stated.

He said that the relationship with the girl who wanted him to be the father for their kids didn’t end in a good term. But, he was glad to learn some life lessons and never had a regret – even a bit – for his decision to be child-free.

The Lack of Mike’s Relationship News Led Him to Be Perceived as Gay

The rumor that was circulating him wasn’t only about his girlfriends but also his sexuality. Some people even believe that Mike Rowe is actually gay; due to his lack of news about love life.

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Mike is considered too secretive by his fans, and the fact that he was always trying to hide his partner’s identity makes people wonder. But then, suddenly, the probability of Mike being gay and having a secret boyfriend made sense for many people. Is that the truth, though?

Like the rumor about his relationship, Mike never seemed interested in addressing this issue, both in his interviews and social media. Even though he is an overly private person, he still has Instagram and Twitter, which will give us his opinion on some issues that matter to him. But yes, indeed, the information about his dating life is THAT rare.

However, there is no concrete proof that he was gay. It was mere speculation from people who are desperate for not getting much information about Mike Rowe’s love life.

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