Is Taye Diggs Married? Who is His Wife?

Taye Diggs wife and dating history

It is always sad when a couple decides to split after officially tying the knot with their relatives and friends. Especially when there are kids involved, it’s a miserable situation. That is the situation faced by Taye Diggs, a Newark-born actor. 

After his fateful marriage with Idina Menzel for more than five years, they split and met their “new” companions. Fortunately, they are somewhat together to raise their son, Walker. At least, Walker still has the presence of his parents to help him navigate through life. 

Taye Diggs and his wife Idina Menzel

We can’t deny the love of Idina Menzel and her ex husband, Taye Diggs, on acting and theatrical projects. Interestingly, the story about Idina, Taye, and her next husband, Aaron Lohr, circulates theater and film. Idina and Taye met in 1995 when participating in a Broadway original musical theater, Rent.

Taye Diggs and his wife Idina Menzel
Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

After they met, they chose to date in 2003. Fans didn’t know much about their journey after they met and began dating in 2003. Idina and Taye officially decided to be united in marriage in that same year after a few years of trying to get to know each other.

Fans and relatives saw that they looked like a “perfect couple” within their marriage. Why not? They met in their workplace, and both love the same thing, theater, and film. 

And just when you thought that their marriage started to show its paradise, it went spiraling down. In 2009, the fans received the news that Taye and Idina welcomed their first born son. Idina said in an interview that she had been expecting a child with Taye ever since they decided to become a couple. Their firstborn was eventually named Walker Nathaniel

As stated by the pair’s representatives, the couple chose to break off their marriage. The process started in 2013 before the couple’s divorce procedures finally reached their conclusion a year later. The pair, however, didn’t forget their responsibilities in handling their son, Walker. It seems the couple knew the negative impacts on the child left by one or all parents because of a divorce. 

People reached out to Taye after his divorce from Idina. In that interview, Taye stated that he and Idina kept a positive relationship because their son,  Walker, is their new objective. He was thrilled when he saw that his son, Walker, was ecstatic when Walker saw his mother singing the U.S National Anthem or when he listened to Idina on her song “Let It Go.”

Taye also mentioned that the song “Let It Go” has helped him venture through life so far. The music taught him to release the past and move on. 

Idina, Camilla Cabello, and Harry Porter celebrated the release of their film, Cinderella, with James Corden on a Carpool Karaoke within The Late Late Show. Idina Menzel showed the fans how Taye conducts himself as a husband just after saying goodbye to the Rent compatriot.

She mentioned that Taye was overly critical when practicing her lines in a movie or a theater project. But the nice part was when she said that she loved him no matter what, at that time. 

The couple gave their insight on how they wanted their son, Walker, to do about his life. Taye Diggs said that both he and Idina wanted Walker to enjoy life as much as he could. In that category, Taye also stated that he wished Walker to follow his dream rather than continuing his parents’ job as an actor. 

The following romantic journey for Taye Diggs

Despite his marriage fallout with Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs is a gentleman, incredibly towards his tight-knit surroundings. His marriage with Idina was somewhat tricky to explain, as we don’t know what happened behind the door, but both he and Idina maintained a status quo for their son, Walker.

His reason is relatively simple; he wants his son to live his life to the fullest by having a family that loves him no matter what happens. 

It took him a while before Taye was ready for a new partner. His consideration towards his son, Walker, is the one who prevented him from taking a new lover. Walker asked for his father’s word to refrain from taking a new lover after he parted ways with Idina. After some time, he managed to gain his son’s trust and took a new partner, whose identity remains covert.

Taye Diggs with ex girlfriend Amanza Smith
Taye Diggs and Amanza Smith 2014 (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The next lover that came into Taye Diggs’s life was Amanza Smith. In the interview, Taye was the man that gave Amanza’s family a chance to redo their life. Amanza Smith was in a relationship with former NFL player Ralph Brown, and it was a disaster. Ralph didn’t provide his family an adequate amount of funding to support the family because he squandered his money after retiring from the NFL. 

Taye Diggs then dated Amanza for five years, and in that time, he provided Amanza’s family the amount to survive and hopefully become independent. Currently, Amanza is doing well with having a company and an online fashion establishment. About her ex, Ralph Brown, his current location is unknown. 

Taye proceeds with his romantic voyage after Idina and Amanza. His next supposed lover would be a hip-hop singer, Apryl Jones. They spent some lovely moments together and spread them to the internet via Instagram. The videos they posted shocked the internet, with the fans hoping that they would announce swiftly to the public that they were an item.

Taye Diggs and girlfriend Apryl Jones
Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones (Getty Images)

Not many situations happened after the “couple” shared the videos about their moments together. Then came the news that the couple had a night date which eventually added fuel to the already burning rumors. 

They went off-grid before they came together in Taye Diggs’ movie, Incarnation. They both looked as if they were already a couple, with Taye’s hand never letting go of Apryl’s hand, as filmed by HITC

Apryl was no stranger to love affairs. She once dated Omarion and had two children with him. After spending time with Omarion, she dated another hip-hop singer, Lil Fizz. This one sparked the feud between Omarion and B2K, as they wanted to go on a music tour together.

After Lil Fizz apologized to Omarion for the rivalry, their relationship suffered from fans’ retaliation, and they have gone on a different path ever since. 

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