Hailee Steinfeld Is Another Hollywood Celebrity Romancing An NFL Athlete, Josh Allen

This time around, Hailee Steinfeld once again stepped into the front and center of the media’s prying eyes after she started dating NFL athlete Josh Allen.

Hailee Steinfeld with NFL Athlete, Josh Allen
Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen

Hailee Steinfeld’s romance has always been private, but that doesn’t stop the media from becoming invested in her love story. For example, Hailee Steinfeld hardly ever confirmed the rumors with Niall Horan, but the paps always found ways to capture their moments.

How Long Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen Have Been Dating?

Taylor Swift may be stealing the attention with her rumored new romance with Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce, but another celebrity is also shooting her shot with another NFL athlete! Yep, Hailee Steinfeld has been rumored to be dating Buffalo BillsJosh Allen since May 2023.

The couple was first seen donning matching white outfits during a night out in New York. They didn’t flaunt heavy PDAs at first, only as far as Josh wrapping his arm on Hailee’s back.

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen in a group photo
Hailee Steinfeld with Josh Allen (Facebook, Michael Sinensky)

While neither Hailee nor Josh addressed the rumors, an inside source told that they had been “hanging out for a few weeks” and “having fun.”

Several days after the source confirmed the relationship, Hailee and Josh were spotted in a group photo posted by Michael Sinensky, the founder of Sushi by Bou, which Josh frequents. In the picture, the athlete circled his arm on Hailee’s shoulder, both donning broad smiles!

The couple gets serious quickly, as they vacationed together in Cabo, Mexico, this summer. Hailee and Josh were even pictured sharing a kiss mid-dinner.

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen on vacation
Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen on vacation (via: Backgrid)

Getting bolder in showing PDAs, I see!

In October, several months after they started dating, Hailee was seen shopping with Josh’s mom, Lavonne, at the Leveled Up Buffalo. They also posed together for a picture with Lindsey Vega, the shop owner.

Josh Allen Has Something to Say on His Relationship with Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen prefer to keep tight-lipped on the news surrounding their relationship, but that doesn’t mean the young couple was fine with the persistent (and borderline invasive) paparazzi!

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In an interview with Pardon My Take podcast, he claims he can’t comprehend that many people are so invested in his budding romance with Hailee.

“The fact that anybody cares about that still blows my mind,” Josh confessed. “I saw it, and I just felt this gross feeling. The insecurity, no privacy,” he added.

Unfortunately, it seems like something to get used to, Josh!

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