Hadley Robinson May Be Single, But Her Love Towards Her On-Screen Boyfriend Is Undeniable

Hadley Robinson relationship status

Hadley Robinson earned popularity for her role in the box office hit Little Woman.

When you starred alongside A-listers like Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, and Timothee Chalamet, it’s hard not to become known!

The next big project for Hadley Robinson was the 2021 movie Moxie, where she scored a leading role. Hadley Robinson’s role and on-screen relationship doesn’t only steal the hearts of the audience but also hers!

Is Hadley Robinson Dating Anyone?

Hadley Robinson and Nicholas Podany best friends
Hadley Robinson and Nicholas Podany

Hadley Robinson is currently single, as per reports and her social media! The up-and-coming actress is on her way up, and it’s highly understandable if she wants to focus on her career.

However, she was once rumored to be dating Nicholas Podany, as Hadley once posted a picture of them hugging in front of a bar. Neither Hadley nor Nicholas addressed the rumors, so it seems they were just friends!

Hadley Robinson Is Head Over Heels with Her On-Screen Romance in Moxie

Starring as the leading role, Hadley Robinson’s role in Moxie drew many praises from critics and audiences alike.

Hadley Robinson and Nico Hiraga in moxie 2021
Hadley Robinson and Nico Hiraga (Vivian and Seth – Moxie, 2021)

Bringing the childhood friends-to-lovers trope, Hadley’s on-screen romance with Nico Hiraga also earned plenty of love from the audience!

Who doesn’t love a cute skater boy who is woke and understands consent?!

But when it comes to their on-screen romance, it turns out Hadley is also 100% in for it! In an interview, she claimed that what happened between Vivian and Seth was a “unique love story.”

“When it comes from somebody that you love and really respect, that’s when you really listen,” Hadley shared about Vivian and Seth’s dynamic. “They find different things in each other that fulfill whatever need or desire that they have,” she added.

Well, we also don’t mind if Hadley and Nico decided to make their connection (and romance) bleed to the off-screen life, just saying.

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