Glen Powell’s Dating History: List Of His Famous Girlfriends And Why People Are So Fascinated By It

Besides his acting career, many people noticed Glen Powell for his public relationships.

List Of Glen Powell Famous Girlfriends

From Nina Dobrev to Renee Bargh and Gigi Paris, his relationship always involved stunning famous ladies, so it’s not wrong for people to pay more attention to Glen Powell’s dating history!

Is Glen Powell Dating His Co-Star Sydney Sweeney?

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney dating rumors
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney

People would start to speculate about your relationship with your other castmates when you’ve been known to fall for your past co-workers. This is what seemed to happen with Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney!

The actors star in the upcoming rom-com, Anyone But You. Since the pictures and some behind-the-scenes footage were released, many people began to sense a possible affair between Glen and Sydney.

Sydney also once posted a picture of her cuddling up to Glen while taking photos of the movie team’s bonding activities!

The rumors of their relationship began to circulate even more after Glen was spotted unfollowing his then-girlfriend, Gigi Paris. At the same time, fans noticed the absence of an engagement ring, which used to be on Sydney’s finger!

However, the rumors have little to no truth behind them. While Glen’s side remained silent, Sydney’s representatives stated to Us Weekly that the relationship rumors were “a nightmare scenario” which put “a huge test” on Sydney’s relationship. This statement was later followed by a date night for Sydney and her fiancé.

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Well, it seems like Glen Powell is alone in his heartbreak era!

When Did Glen Powell Start Dating Gigi Paris?

Before the whole fiasco with the alleged Sydney Sweeney affair, Glen Powell was dating model and designer Gigi Paris. The pair were first linked together after they were spotted enjoying a vacation in Mexico.

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris kissing in front of the sunset
Glen Powell and Gigi Paris (Instagr)

Glen and Gigi went Instagram official to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 when Gigi posted a picture of them kissing in front of the sunset.

The former couple seemed to have a rock-solid and supportive relationship. During the press tour for Top Gun: Maverick, Gigi had always been there to accompany Glen. She also joined him at the premiere of Devotion.

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris Golden Globes Arrivals
Glen Powell and Gigi Paris Golden Globes Arrivals

Unfortunately, the amount of dating rumors between Glen and Sydney has affected Glen and Gigi’s relationship. Months after the rumors surfaced, Gigi posted Instagram reels in which she urged women to “know your worth” and move “onto the next.”

Gigi Paris split

Shortly after she posted it, both representatives confirmed their separation.

So… Did Glen cheat on her with Sydney?

Were Glen Powell and Renee Bargh Dating?

After his public breakup with Nina Dobrev, Glen Powell decided to keep his personal life from the prying eyes. However, in 2018, rumors began to circulate that he was dating TV host Renee Bargh.

Us Weekly even reported that the pair have been together “for six months” and that Renee “has been staying at Glen’s place.”

While the pair didn’t explicitly confirm their relationship, they went semi-Instagram official as Renee appeared in Glen’s Instagram post of his 30th birthday bash.

Again, this relationship turned out didn’t mean to last. It’s unclear when Glen and Renee decided to part ways, but in a 2019 interview with Daily Mail, the TV host admitted that she’s “currently single” and interested in dating “a good Aussie boy.”

Why Did Glen Powell Breakup with Nina Dobrev?

In 2017, Glen Powell was rumored to be dating Nina Dobrev after they were seen cozied up together in a picture Glen shared while hanging out with their other friends. The couple even sported matching cute onesies!

Glen and Nina later seemed to confirm the rumors with a set of pictures taken at Julianne Hough’s wedding. In the photos, the couple kissed and embraced each other lovingly, destroying any skepticism about their relationship.

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While many fans rooted for their budding romance, it turned out that Glen and Nina decided to part ways mere months after they started dating. According to sources, the former couple “haven’t been spending much time together since the end of the summer,” which resulted in their split.

Glen Powell with Nina Dobrevin an Omega event
Glen Powell with Nina Dobrev in an Omega event

However, worry not! Glen and Nina don’t have bad blood between them, as they were reunited in an Omega event in Switzerland last year, five years after they had broken up. Fair to say they managed to remain friendly with each other!

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