Who Has Elliot Page Dated? His Dating History

Elliot Page relationship status

The Satellite Award actor and producer Elliot Page has a very interesting love life. Besides his successful records in acting and music, Elliot’s personal life is something worth telling more about.

Is Elliot Page Dating Anyone?

Elliot Page dating history

Elliot Page appears to be in a romantic relationship with Mae Martin. While the pair have been close friends, recent events hint at a deeper connection.

The speculation began when Page and Martin showcased their matching tattoos on Instagram in 2021, suggesting a solid bond between them. The rumors intensified when Martin accompanied Page to the annual LACMA Art+Film Gala as his plus one.

Elliot Page and Mae Martin matching tattoos
Elliot Page and Mae Martin (Photo: Instagram)

Further fueling the dating rumors, Martin shared a mirror selfie on Instagram, affectionately referring to Page as “my king”6. In response, Page posted a picture of them enjoying an evening drink, calling Martin “the heartthrob“.

While neither has officially confirmed their relationship status, these public displays of affection indicate they are more than just friends.

Elliot Page and His Ex-wife Emma Portner Used to Be an Ultimate Couple Goals

Elliot Page and Emma Portner 3 years together
Elliot Page and Emma Portner (Photo: Getty Images)

Yes, Elliot had known how it felt to be a husband. 

The lucky woman is a Canadian photographer, Emma Portner. The two started dating in 2017 when they found each other’s profiles on Instagram and started to chat regularly.

It was Elliot who made the first move. The New York Times reported that Elliot first noticed Emma when she posted a video of her dancing on her Instagram to a song by Sylvan Esso. And then, of course, Elliot slides to Emma’s DM in no time. Since then, the rest has been history.

The universe always has its way of bringing soulmates together. It turned out that Emma had known Elliot since she was 12 years old through watching one of his films. 

“I know we’d cross paths someday – I just wasn’t quite sure when or how,” Emma said to The New York Times

Not only that, Elliot and Emma’s love for art and their unique creative sides were essential contributors to their relationships. The two were not only a good couple but also good working partners. Elliot and Emma had done some projects together. One of them was dancing for Britney Spears’ biggest hit, Lucky

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From 2017 to 2018, Elliot and Emma had the best time of their lives. These lovebirds then decided to hold a private wedding ceremony in January 2018, which Elliot revealed on her Instagram days after the party ended. 

Elliot Page wife Emma Portner

“Can’t believe I got to call this extraordinary woman my wife. @emmaportner,” Elliot wrote as the caption. Unfortunately, the caption was removed since they split. Yes, we will get to that sad part later.

Now, let us reminisce about the happy and sweet moments Elliot and Emma used to have. In her 2018 interview with Them, Emma gushed about how Elliot had a massive impact on her dancing career.

“Elliot helps me to think a lot more about the intention behind specific movements. I’m much softer now and able to express intimacy more genuinely in my art,” Emma stated. 

Although their marriage wasn’t meant to last forever, Elliot and Emma had gone through many things together. The love continued. In June 2019, the two celebrated Pride Month with a topless picture together. Elliot used to post that moment on her Instagram, but we can no longer see it. 

Unfortunately, every good story has its ending. Only a month after Elliot came out and changed his pronouns, he filed for divorce. We didn’t know what happened between him and Emma, though, because when Elliot came out in December 2020, Emma clearly showed her full support for him. And, of course, everybody thought they were on very good terms since the two looked very respectful and supportive of each other.

“After much thought and careful consideration, we decided to divorce following our separation last summer. We have the utmost respect for each other and remain close friends,” Elliot stated in his interview with People. He didn’t explain further the problem he and Emma faced before splitting, but the two ensured they continued to be close friends. 

But, if the separation wasn’t that painful and they intended to remain friends, then why did they delete all their pictures together on Instagram? Well, only Elliot and Emma have the answer for that because they remain tight-lipped about it. 

Another Elliot Page’s Relationship that We Thought Would Last: Samantha Thomas

Elliot Page and Samantha Thomas relationship
Elliot Page and Samantha Thomas (Photo: Instagram)

Before Elliot Page was mesmerized by Emma Portner, he had past relationships with some A-listers. Elliot seems to be the kind of person who doesn’t like to play around, even though we all know he can. In 2015, Elliot was in a relationship with a talented artist, Samantha Thomas.

Don’t be mistaken for Jessica Jones’ producer for anyone familiar with the name. Samantha Thomas, who we’re talking about here, is a talented artist who worked in various disciplines, including oil painting, modern abstract, and structural pieces. 

Elliot and Samantha first appeared on the Freeheld movie premium at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was also the couple’s red carpet-debut. The two were together when Elliot still went by his old name, Ellen Page.

Elliot, who’s always attracted to someone who loves art as much as he does, fell head over heels for Samantha. He gushed about Samantha with E! News, stating: “I’m in love.”

Like Elliot’s relationship with Emma, his relationship with Samantha was also based on their admiration for each other. People reported that Elliot and Samantha are “each other’s biggest fans.”

Elliot and Samantha parted ways in January 2017 after 18 months of dating. This pair used to be everyone’s favorite. So, everybody was devastated when the news of their splitting came around. The reason behind their separation remains a mystery, though.

Did Elliot Rekindle Romance with Mark Rendall?

Mark Rendall
Mark Rendall

Not all of Elliot Page’s relationships are with girls, folks. He might’ve been into girls since a long time ago. But, from 2008 to 2009, he had a serious relationship with Mark Rendall – best known for his role in 30 Days of Night

There weren’t many details about Mark and Elliot’s romance back then. There’s one exciting moment between them, though. In 2013, almost four years after they broke up, Mark and Elliot were seen comfortable strolling around Manhattan.

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Daily Mail reported some photos that show us their closeness. In one of the pictures, Elliot and Mark were seen hugging. However, it looked more like a friendly hug than a romantic one. 

Neither Mark nor Elliot commented on that, though. But, the two didn’t seem to rekindle their old romance by looking at the photos that captured their moment in New York. It was just a catch-up between two best friends. Well, at least we know that Elliot kept being friends with all of his exes, and that’s a good thing, right?

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He’s great, I recently re-watched the documentary series he did called Gaycation about places where it’s safe or dangerous to travel to if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, he’s incredibly talented