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Stefanie Martini love life

An English actress known for her leading role in ITV’s 2017 production Prime Suspect 1973, Stefanie Martini, is now maintaining a relationship with a model named El Wood.

Stefanie Martini partner El Wood
Stefanie Martini with her partner El Wood

She was a proud bi, which was often shown on her Instagram.

She had no romantic relationship other than with El Wood, but fans were amazed by her romance with Mark Rowley in The Last Kingdom. In real life, Stefanie and Mark Rowley’s relationship is no more than just best friends.

Stefanie Martini’s Partner, El Wood

Stefanie Martini was quite open about her relationship with the gorgeous model El Wood. The actress publicly shared a photo where she kissed the model on New Year 2022.

El Wood, Stefanie Martini
El Wood, Stefanie Martini

On the other slide were a picture of Stefanie and El Wood joining a Halloween parade. Stefanie dressed beautifully in a long white dress, while El Wood wore a raspberry-colored tight dress with a devil headband as an accessory.

Stefanie announced that she was a proud bi on June 25, 2021. She posted a photo where she dressed in a white t-shirt and wrote a caption, “How does a bisexual look? Happy #pride!” From that post, the public speculated that Stefanie already had a relationship with El Wood then. Although, her first post with El Wood was shared only on January 1, 2022, as mentioned above.

Since then, Stefanie Martini has often posted her photo alongside El Wood. Sometimes, she just posted El Wood’s photo without herself in the frame. For instance, on March 18, Stefanie shared a picture where El Wood sunbathed in her black bikini. The actress wrote a caption for the photo, saying, “Four hours later, we were lobsters. Wear sunscreen.”

Although there wasn’t any news about their relationship other than on Instagram, we could see Stefanie Martini’s relationship, as she often posted her updates there. As for El Wood, she was also quite often updating her love life through Instagram.

Stefanie Martini and El Wood selfie

For instance, she posted a photo where she had a selfie with Stefanie. They looked to have a lot of quality time as a pair, often hanging out together.

Perhaps there were just a few updates regarding Stefanie Martini and El Wood’s relationship because they publicly announced it at the beginning of 2022.

Now, let us discuss Stefanie Martini’s relationship with Mark Rowley below.

How Did Stefanie Martini Relate with Mark Rowley?

It seemed that fans of The Last Kingdom expected Stefanie Martini to have a relationship with Mark Rowley. Not without reason. It was because Mark Rowley played a role as Finan, supposedly in a relationship with Eadith (Stefanie Martini) in The Last Kingdom: Season 5.

Finan and Eadith in The Last Kingdom
Finan and Eadith in The Last Kingdom

Many fan-made videos were uploaded on YouTube, highlighting the part where Eadith and Finan had conversations throughout the series. People seemed to enjoy watching them since they had many heart-warming interactions.

Some clips showed where Finan showed his affection toward Eadith, helped her by carrying her when she fell and treated her wound after she hurt. And Eadith also showed her despair when Finan was injured as well.

Some fans commented about how they were glad that Finan got some real love from Eadith. The relationship between them was all the fans hoped for because Uthred, Eadith’s real love, had many women from the beginning while Finan had nothing.

And because of this series, fans also hoped they would be a real couple. However, it was pretty impossible, as Stefanie Martini had already been in a relationship with El Wood, and Mark Rowley was believed to be in a relationship with Zoe Barker.

If you are a fan of The Last Kingdom: Season 5, do you also hope the two will make a good pair in real life?

Now, let us see the relationship between Stefanie Martini and Alexander Dreymon below.

Stefanie Martini’s Relationship with Alexander Dreymon

Alexander Dreymon in the series
Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom

The relationship between actors and actresses in The Last Kingdom might improve as they played together in five seasons.

A better relationship was shown between Stefanie Martini and Alexander Dreymon, as the actress once shared her admiration for him in a touching tribute by praising his willingness to help.

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Stefanie Martini expressed her pride and admiration for Alexander for his work in the historical drama. And through that sweet tribute, she shared what it was like working with Alexander Dreymon as a director.

Stefanie said, “Since Alexander’s an actor, he was good at giving notes which were personal to each of us and how we work. We all wanted to do our best for him, so it felt like a lovely collaboration.” And the actress continued, “He put so much preparation into everything. He cared, and he had his shot list, and I loved it.”

The actress also expressed how the filming was a great experience and she was proud of Alexander Dreymon. Do you think Alexander and Stefanie’s relationship as cast in The Last Kingdom is quite admirable?

Other than hoping that Stefanie’s relationship with El Wood will stay long, we hoped that the actress’ relationships with The Last Kingdom‘s cast would improve as well.

Early Life of Stefanie Martini

Stefanie Martini early life

The actress who played Eadith in The Last Kingdom was born with the name Lorna Michelle Stefanie Martini on October 6, 1990, in Bristol, England. She was raised in a village in North Somerset with her sister named Heidi Martini.

As for her educational background, Stefanie Martini completed her secondary education in a local school. Stefanie’s career as an actress was known as her passion since her youth, as the actress starred in local youth plays at Winscombe Youth Theatre and later performed for the National Youth Theatre.

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Stefanie made her debut during her third year at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). She played a supporting role in an ITV television series, Endeavor. And later, in 2016, she could portray Mary Thorne in Doctor Thorne and Princess Langwidere in Emerald City.

She had done many works before gaining fame in the Netflix series, The Last Kingdom. Her appearance there made the public curious about who her partner was now.

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