Who is Danielle Campbell Boyfriend? Is She Dating Anyone?

Danielle Campbell boyfriend and dating history

Most of us knew the girl. Her role in some of the TV series certainly captivated us. However, like her career, her private life is also full of glitters. Some high-profile gentleman has come and gone throughout her life, but one currently stays behind.

Danielle Campbell and Her Boyfriend, Colin Woodell

Many of us wonder just who Danielle Campbell is. You might recognize her if you recall “The Original” TV series. Her role as Davina Claire enthralled us away, and the same title brought fame into Danielle’s life.

However, many of us are also eager to know about the actress’ private life, especially when talking about the guys who managed to sway her heart away.

Well, if that’s what you are looking for, we are joyously announcing that Danielle is not a single girl anymore. She has Colin Woodell around her arms.

Danielle Campbell and her boyfriend Colin Woodell
Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell (Instagram)

The story between the pair began in 2013. Colin and Danielle worked together for the first time in the “The Original” TV series.

At first, there was no particular connection between the two; however, with time, Colin and Danielle recognized the chemistry between them. Colin and Danielle began their life as close friends.

The status of Danielle’s close friend was unsettling for Colin. Not to mention that during their time together as friends, Danielle went on dating several men, which prompted Colin to act fast.

In 2018, Colin mustered his courage and confessed that being a friend was not enough for him. Luckily, Danielle accepted his proposal, and they began dating that year.

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Colin told the fans that he and Danielle had been close friends since 2014, and the sudden change in their relationship was a mutual decision. Some fans commented that Colin and Danielle were a match made in heaven.

It did not take long for the pair to show their affection to one another. In December 2020, Danielle congratulated her beau’s birthday by uploading a photo of him with a simple caption, saying:

“Happy Birthday baby”

The pair is still in a relationship, and we, as fans, hope that Danielle and Colin continue to go on as a couple.

Danielle Campbell and Louis Tomlinson: An unlucky romantic tale?

After endless speculation, we can undoubtedly say that Danielle has a new boyfriend, her long-time friend, Colin Woodell.

However, before her romantic tale began to spark on the internet, Danielle had other guys roaming inside her heart. We can assure you that he was the man we all knew.

Around 2016, some photos began to emerge on the internet. The internet was soon engulfed in an energetic state when the fans realized it was Danielle flaunting her new boyfriend vigorously.

Danielle Campbell and ex boyfriend Louis Tomlinson
Danielle Campbell and Louis Tomlinson (REX/Shutterstock)

Her new boyfriend, the former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.

Even though the news started recently, the speculations had already existed since 2015.

The truth came to being when Louis, who attended the 2015 Coachella alongside Danielle, took a photo of himself kissing Danielle.

Well, we all know how the fans reacted to the photos. It was electric. Sadly, their happiness only stayed for a while before it vanished into the darkness. A year after the fans’ eruption of joy, Louise and Danielle chose to part ways.

The fans began to speculate on why this relationship took a sudden and abrupt end. They connected the dots and concluded that maybe Louis’ mental state was not in a good place after all.

The source, well, the passing of Louis’s mother. The demise certainly was harrowing for the singer, and he couldn’t keep up.

Even though their romantic relationship was over, Danielle and Louis maintained a positive relationship as friends. Danielle continued supporting her former boyfriend’s career on and off the stage.

Well, the timing and the circumstances were not on Danielle’s side then. Louis and Danielle probably would still be together as a couple if the situation had been in a proper state.

Was Nathaniel Buzolic once a boyfriend of Danielle Campbell?

Danielle Campbell certainly has a thing with actors that have crossed paths with her. Her current love, Colin Woodell, proves the theory. But, there was one guy who knew about this long before Colin.

Danielle Campbell with Nathaniel Buzolic
Danielle Campbell and Nathaniel Buzolic

After her sudden breakup with Louis, Danielle seemingly had a lot inside her mind. Luckily, she had Nathaniel Buzolic near her. But it all changed when Danielle and Nathaniel shared flirtatious photos of them.

Nathaniel and Danielle are no strangers. They had been coworkers while filming “The Original” TV series. Like Colin would do in the future, Nathaniel slowly gained Danielle’s trust by becoming her friend before he finally managed to win her heart.

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Just Jared shared the photos on the internet in 2017, and we all know what happens next. Seemingly to fuel the speculation that had already brewing, Nathaniel once told the media that Danielle was:

“To kiss her (Danielle) is a trivial matter.”

Unfortunately, it seems that it was just a prank made by the “couple” to tease their fanbases. But what do you think?

Rhiyen Sharp: More than just an agent for Danielle Campbell?

Finally, we reach Danielle’s last romantic rumors. It was not a complicated tale since there was only one moment when Danielle spent her time with him.

Danielle Campbell and Rhiyen Sharp
Danielle Campbell and Rhiyen Sharp

In the middle of 2017 New York Fashion Week, some fans caught Danielle Campbell having a stroll with a celebrity manager, Rhiyen Sharp.

The photo appears to look like there has been a discussion between the two; however, we may never know the topic of Danielle and Rhiyen’s discussion.

The event following was also suspicious: Danielle entered her hotel room alongside Rhiyen. The “Runaways” actress changed her clothes before walking alongside Rhiyen.

So far, our sources have never heard of any publication regarding this event. Since we also didn’t know what happened between the two, we can shrug it off as a simple business discussion between Danielle Campbell and Rhiyen Sharp.

Was the truth already revealed about Danielle Campbell’s romantic life alongside Tyler Posey?

Danielle Campbell is not your average girl. So far, we know that she had love in store for Tomlinson, while currently, she has Colin on her side. Danielle may have this charm that somehow captivates the male around her.

Well, she certainly does have it when you consider there have been four guys so far that have come toe to toe with Danielle. If you remember, there was Nathaniel Buzolic, Rhiyen Sharp, and Louis Tomlinson, whom Danielle met before her current love with Colin.

The fourth guy we will discover had something going on, but he and Danielle never confirmed anything. However, it was Danielle’s first taste of how incredibly suspicious the internet might be.

Danielle Campbell and Tyler Posey dating rumors
Danielle Campbell and Tyler Posey

The guy’s name was Tyler Posey, an actor who famously appeared in the “Teen Wolf” TV series. The actor, seemingly attracted to Danielle, tried to pursue her but to no avail.

However, the fans noticed that Tyler’s perseverance might have worked out. In 2016, just after the reports of Louis Tomlinson dating Danielle Campbell began to pop out, a photo from a studio caught Tyler kissing Danielle.

We don’t know if it was a consensual act, but Tyler certainly took the opportunity of Danielle being alone with him.

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The fans began to accuse Danielle of being a “two-timer” with Louis. The photos certainly have been a shred of hard evidence. However, in a turn of events, some fans began to research and found out that it was a photo taken back in 2015.

Danielle appeared to wear the same dark blue dress she usually wears today. But since there has been no confirmation from Tyler and Danielle, fans certainly think that something happened between the pair. Was that love or just lust?

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