Does Isabel May Have Boyfriend? All About Her Love Life

Isabel May boyfriend and dating history

Hollywood is one of the best places where dreams may come true. Many young, aspiring actors or actresses pass through its wall, following the footsteps of their successful predecessors.

However, their names are only visible through some selected individuals, with the majority still curious about them.

Today’s protagonist is part of them. Her recent involvement certainly gave her the limelight, but many are still skeptical about her. Most people are keenly interested in the additional information about her private life, and with that, let us begin.

Who is Isabel May?

Born in Santa Monica, California, Isabel May’s arrival in prominence began in 2018. That year, she landed her first job in Hollywood, playing a missing poster girl in the 2018 film “Age of Summer.”

It was a breakthrough moment for her after long grueling years with no work in the entertainment industry. Despite that, the actress had been a long fan of films and stage plays, which according to our sources, claimed that Isabel once took part in the school’s drama and stage plays.

Isabel landed her first premiere job in Hollywood after appearing in the 2018 TV series “Alexa and Katie,” alongside Paris Berelc.

Did Isabel May Once Date Barrett Carnahan?

We cannot deny that Isabel May has two things in her locker. Her performance may have enthralled most young viewers, especially her role in the “Alexa and Katie” TV series.

The other thing is that people are intrigued by her personal life. We know it is not good, but that’s how people behave.

Isabel May and her rumored boyfriend Barrett Carnahan
Isabel May and Barrett Carnahan

People dug around the internet and found that Isabel May may (or may not) already have a relationship. The man? Barrett Carnahan.

The tale of the two conceivable lovebirds began when they were working together in the previous series that brought Isabel May’s name into the limelight.

Barret, who played Aiden in the “Alexa and Katie” TV series, had doubts in the fans’ minds when he calmly appeared in the best friend’s live.

The chemistry between the two were exceptional. However, many fans soon left distraught when they knew that Barrett Carnahan had a fiancée.

Barret chose to end the speculations related to him and Isabel when in 2020, Barret married the love of his life, Nicki Kubicki. According to the former fiancée’s Instagram post, Nicki and Barret announced their marriage in June 2020. The couple even already announced that they are expecting a child soon.

Meanwhile, Paris Berelc, Isabel’s best friend, has had two different lovers. Currently, she is dating a personal trainer named Rhys Athayde, who has been going strong since 2020. Paris once dated another “Alexa and Katie” coworker, Jack Griffo, from 2016 to 2020.

Does Isabel May Currently Have a Special Someone In Her Life?

So, what is next for Isabel May? Her “lover” chose to marry her longtime fiancée. Even though she is still young and has many years in Hollywood ahead of her, we can only suspect what might happen to Isabel next.

One thing to note is Isabel’s secretive nature. She rarely reveals her private life on the internet, especially when talking about her romantic dramas. Many remarks on her mysterious nature because Isabel is still new to the game and trying to learn it as quickly as possible.

She did comment on another coworker, Sam Elliot, who worked alongside Isabel in the “1883” TV series. The source reported that Isabel told the media, quote:

“You cannot deny that Sam might take your heart away. He, in my opinion, has most of everything you can find in a man—class, kindness, and thoughtfulness to those around him. Certainly, I would fall in love with him many times.”

Even though we can regard it as an admiration of Sam Elliot’s personality and aura, others did not interpret it that way.

So far, Isabel’s main priority is to delve deep into Hollywood and gather as many working opportunities as she sees fit. Well, who can blame her? She is an unversed actress compared to other high-profile actresses in Hollywood.

Regarding her relationship status, Isabel once teased her fans. Isabel uploaded a photo with a monkey arm wrapped around her; then she wrote “Status: taken” in the caption. For us, it was just a light comedy to entertain her fans’ curiosity about her private life.

Despite that, we may never know what happens behind Isabel May’s heart. The only one who knows is herself, and it might need a little more time before she finally discloses that she has a special someone.

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