A Timeline of Actor Joel Kinnaman’s Dating History

Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actor and model who has appeared in some big-hit movies and series, including America’s version of House of Cards, 2014 Robocop, and Easy Money. Of course, the aforementioned movies and series made Joel’s name rise to fame pretty fast.

Actor Joel Kinnaman Dating History

His career records might be pretty good, but what about his personal life, especially romantic relationships? He has several ups and downs: from getting divorced from his long-term ex-wife to breaking up with his two-year ex-lover.

Joel Kinnaman and Kelly Gale’s Relationship Is Going Strong

Joel Kinnaman fiancé Kelly Gale
Joel Kinnaman and Kelly Gale (Photo: kellygale/Instagram)

Joel Kinnaman’s newest relationship – which gets stronger as the day goes by – is with a former Victoria’s Secrets model, Kelly Gale.

Joel and Kelly announced their engagement in January 2021, despite many people’s disagreement about their nearly twenty-year age gap.

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This lovely couple announced the happy news through their Instagram accounts, and the two continued showing PDA moments and their lovey-dovey gestures publicly.

Joel Kinnaman with Kelly on valentines day
Photo: kellygale/Instagram

Kelly Gale and Joel Kinnaman went public for the first time in 2019, making their first red-carpet debut. At that time, Joel had just gotten divorced from his long-term ex-wife, and he didn’t seem to have a hard time jumping into a new relationship – and getting engaged three years later. When it comes to relationships, Joel takes them as seriously as he can.

What we also love about this couple is how open they are on their social media, making it easier for us to get a glimpse of their relationship.

However, when we say “open,” it doesn’t mean they post every detail of their relationship on social media. Instead, Kelly and Joel update people on their relationship’s essential and happy moments. We can’t help but gush over their heartwarming posts.

One of the examples is when Kelly announced the engagement by posting a picture of her and Joel kissing at the hill, with her wearing a diamond ring. Not only that, but Kelly also added a caption that said: “Forever yours.” There’s no more obvious way to tell people about it.

At the present time, this lovely couple continues to live happily together, and we haven’t heard about their plans to have kids in a short period. Although Kelly Gale mentioned in her old Instagram stories that she would love to have three children and settle down with Joel, the decision has to be made from both sides. We hope that Kelly can make her dreams come true with Joel Kinnaman. 

What Happened Between Joel Kinnaman and His Ex-Wife, Cleo Wattenstrom?

Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom relationship
Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom (Photo: Getty Images)

Relationships can’t always be full-of-love and easy roads. We have to face some hurtful breakups, entering a self-discovery phase over and over again, and other challenging things. Joel Kinnaman’s past relationships are no exception. 

Before having a lovey-dovey life with Kelly Gale, Joel was married (and then separated) to a famous tattoo artist, Cleo Wattenstrom

We know that Joel loved publishing and sharing things about his relationship with Kelly Gale, but things were different back then. Joel and Cleo even made their wedding ceremony as secretive as possible, to the point that people couldn’t know had he not revealed that in one of his interviews. 

Joel Kinnaman Suicide Squad tattoo
Suicide Squad tattoo

It was in Joel’s 2016 interview with The Talk that he admitted he was a married man for the first time. When Aisha Tyler, the show host, asked what his “girlfriend” thought about his Suicide Squad tattoo, Joel quickly corrected her by saying: “My wife, my wife.”

However, Joel and Cleo never reveal the exact date of their wedding ceremony. One thing that we know is they were married from 2016 to 2018. The two also kept the reason for their split to themselves. Like many celebrity couples who put “safe” and “diplomatic” answers for that one particular question, Joel and Cleo also did the same by saying they “amicably split.”

Thankfully, the divorce didn’t end their friendships. According to Us Magazine, Joel and Cleo remain good friends after the divorce, and we can see that Cleo even wished Joel happy birthday on her Instagram. And four years after they were no longer together (and Joel was already with someone else), Cleo didn’t delete that post! They are really still on good terms now!

Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom
Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom (Photo: cleokinnaman)

“JOEL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” she wrote as the caption, alongside three photos of her and Joel looking cute together. Well, we’re relieved to know that it’s still possible to be friends with your ex-spouses still. A romantic relationship can never ruin a friendship, indeed. 

Another Relationship that Didn’t Work Out: Olivia Munn

Joel’s other relationships that didn’t work out were with the New Girl and Iron Man 2 star Olivia Munn.

Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman dating
Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman (Photos: Getty Images, Instagram)

Yes, we know Olivia is famous among many A-listers because she has dated some of the most handsome men in Hollywood, like Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake

Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman’s relationship was confirmed in March 2012, after a year of meeting each other for the first time. 

These lovebirds were everyone’s favorite back then. Joel and Olivia looked perfect together, and the two loved sharing their romance with their fans and paparazzi. Everybody thought they could last longer. Sadly, in 2014, the news of their breaking up started circling. 

The main factor in their failed relationship was the long distance. They made that decision based on mutual agreements, though. And they ensured the world that nothing terrible was going on between them. 

“A lot has to do with distance. He’s back filming in Toronto, and she’s now in L.A for good,” said one of the insiders to Nicki Swift

And just like his relationship with Cleo, Joel and Olivia can maintain good friendships until now. Olivia even commented on Joel’s Instagram post that announced his engagement by giving four “100” emojis, which indicated that she was happy with it.

We cannot help but respect Joel Kinnaman because he can consistently maintain friendships with all of their exes. He’s the embodiment of not living up to drama, even though he absolutely could if he wanted to.

Fingers are crossed for his relationship with Kelly Gale, and we hope that Joel doesn’t have to face any more breakups in his life. 

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