Why Mamoudou Athie Is Still Single And How His Roles Have Impacted The Way He Views Love

Mamoudou Athie with his on-screen girlfriend Elizabeth Olsen, Sorry for Your Loss

As an up-and-coming actor, it’s normal to have many people pay attention to Mamoudou Athie. With his wit, humble upbringing, and superb acting skills, many fans dub him the perfect boyfriend material.

However, that’s where the question sparks, who’s the lucky lady who can proudly carry the title of Mamoudou Athie’s girlfriend?

Does Mamoudou Athie Have A Girlfriend?

Mamoudou Athie girlfriend, and why he is still single
Mamoudou Athie (TheEllenShow)

With an attempt to build his acting career and cement his reputation as an actor, Mamoudou Athie has no spare time left to date around. Yep, the actor is now single, ladies! 

Mamoudou isn’t fond of discussing his love life, though. However, he doesn’t mind sharing his ideal type with a girlfriend.

“I love when my partner takes it easy,” the actor shared with Glamour. “Nothing’s a big deal. Everything’s a stress-free zone,” he continued.

Well, with how demanding his career is, surely Mamoudou will want to avoid more stress and pressure at home!

Inside Mamoudou Athie’s Relationship with His On-Screen Wife Elizabeth Olsen

Leigh Shaw and Matt Greer, Sorry for Your Loss
Mamoudou Athie and Elizabeth Olsen, Sorry for Your Loss

In 2019, Mamoudou Athie appeared in the tear-jerking series, Sorry for Your Loss alongside Elizabeth Olsen. Portraying the role of Elizabeth’s on-screen deceased husband, Mamoudou received many praises for his brilliant acting and splendid chemistry with Elizabeth.

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In the show, Mamoudou portrayed the role of Matt Greer, a high school English teacher, and Elizabeth’s character, Leigh Shaw’s husband, who just recently passed away before the series started. The show revolves around how Leigh deals with grieving and letting Matt go.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Mamoudou admitted that working on the show has changed how he interacts and communicates with friends and family. He claimed that all lessons learned from the series helped him act “with a lot more generosity.”

Where Did Brie Larson Star as Mamoudou Athie’s On-Screen Girlfriend?

Kit and Virgil in Unicorn Store
Mamoudou Athie and Brie Larson (Unicorn Store)

Besides Elizabeth Olsen, Mamoudou Athie also had an on-screen romance with another Marvel star, Brie Larson!

Mamoudou and Brie starred in Unicorn Store, the actress’s directorial debut. Mamoudou portrayed Virgil, a hardware store employee who eventually became Brie’s on-screen love interest.

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As for how he felt about working with Brie, Mamoudou claimed that Unicorn Store is a “kind of bizarre” movie which is “right down my lane.”

“Brie Larson is amazing,” the actor gushed. “She should get all the awards for everything, ever,” he continued.

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