Who is Lauren German Husband? Untold Details About Her

Lauren German Husband and Past Affairs

Lauren German, who we can see playing in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and TV series Lucifer is an American actress – and the successful one. Her net worth is $4 million.

However, her success didn’t come overnight. She had to wait for a long time to finally had her major role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since then, she started to get lots of awards. As a result, her name is often associated with many talented actors.

Want to know more about Lauren German’s relationship and personal life? We’ll reveal all of that here!

Does Lauren German Have a Husband and Kids?

Though rumors and news about relationships never stop surrounding celebrities’ lives, Lauren German somehow kept her relationship pretty private. She is never the kind of actress who uses relationship stories and personal life to be the headline. Instead, she wants to be known more for her movies and awards.

Throughout her career, she’s only linked with two of her fellow actors, unlike many celebrities nowadays.

Though Lauren is very private about her love life, she’s still active on social media, especially Instagram. She has nearly four million followers. However, she never posted anything that indicates her seeing a man or having any relationship with anyone. Whether she’s entirely single or having a secret boyfriend is another question.

Lauren German, Tom Ellis
Lauren German, Tom Ellis (Instagram)

On her Instagram, we can see most of her photos are about her promoting her work. It indicates that she puts her utmost attention on her career at the moment. And relationship seems not to be her main priority right now.

She uploaded several pictures of her doing mundane activities by herself, too, such as playing with her dog in the garden or just chilling at the beach. She only seems to care about things around the world, and she often speaks about the issues that matter for her, such as environmental and racism issues.

Some people are not only curious about her love life but also whether or not she has children. Well, that’s understandable. Since she made a great appearance as a mom who has to juggle between kids and her work in Lucifer, her fans cannot help but wish it happened in real life, too. She played a role as an amazing woman in the whole five seasons of Lucifer.

But, we have to accept the reality, guys. Lauren isn’t interested in having children or taking care of anyone at the moment. She looks like enjoying her single life to the fullest, and we should be happy for her!

Lauren Didn’t Want to Reveal Too Much About Her Love Life

Suppose we pay attention to her Instagram alone. In that case, we might see that she’s not only overly private about her love life but also her overall personal life. For example, she rarely posted any pictures of her siblings, her parents, or any family sign. But, what do we know about Lauren German’s family and childhood?

Lauren German personal life Instagram photo
Lauren German (Instagram)

Lauren was born in Huntington Beach, California, with her dad working as a vascular surgeon. Her grandfather was Dutch. He and Lauren’s dad immigrated to the US when Lauren was still a little girl.

Lauren didn’t have a thought to be an actress since little, though. At first, she graduated college with a major in Anthropology. However, it was not until she attended the Actor’s Studio right after her college graduation that she developed her interest in acting.

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Lauren’s first play to pursue her acting career was Peter Pan and Oliver. It wasn’t a smooth journey until she finally got her big role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She is the kind of actress that didn’t get her fame overnight. She had to work hard and waited for a long time to have her breakthrough.

Other than that, we never hear anything about her mom. She hardly brings a topic about her childhood or her family in front of the camera. 

Lauren German Doesn’t Seem to Date Any Man: Is She a Lesbian?

We know already that Lauren German is overly private about her personal life and love life. Still, it doesn’t mean that she is far from any rumor. Since she never talked anything about her relationship, people started to believe that she is into women.

The lesbian rumors sparked in 2017. With Lauren’s absence of dating news, she was rumored to be hiding her secret girlfriend for the sake of her career.

Unlike Lauren, who usually keeps quiet about her personal life, she gave her opinion about the lesbian rumor.

“I mean love is love, and I would approach it no differently. I’ve played a few lesbians, and I have gay and lesbian friends, and I don’t think it’s any different. It’s almost like asking a straight character, ‘how do you play straight?’ You’re just attracted to what you are attracted to. It’s just playing whatever’s going on in the scene,” stated Lauren. The rumor arose from her lack of boyfriend’s presence and her lesbian character in the TV series Chicago Fire.

She explicitly declined the rumor. So, it means that Lauren is a hundred percent straight woman!

Maybe it just indicates how talented she is as playing a lesbian character until people believe that she is like that too in real life, right?

Breaking Up with Ashton Holmes Before Working Together

If Lauren doesn’t date anyone right now, at least we can still go down the memory lane. It’s still interesting to dig into Lauren’s past boyfriends

Lauren’s latest relationship is with an American actor who starred in Revenge, Ashton Holmes. They started dating in 2009, and they made it the headline for every online magazine at that time. But, the two never publicly shared their PDA moments since both actors like to keep everything low-key about themselves.

Lauren German and ex boyfriend Ashton Holmes
Lauren German and Ashton Holmes (Imago-Images)

Lauren and Ashton worked together in the movie The Divided, two years after their relationship news came up. However, it wasn’t clear whether or not they were still together when filming The Divided.

The two never stated publicly about their relationship! Yes, there are pictures of them holding hands and looking like a couple. Still, the pair never actually talk about their relationship with the media. How mysterious!

But, some sources stated that they split in the middle of 2011, so they were no longer together when they were co stars in The Divided. But, the two seem to be good friends even after the breakup.

Ashton and Lauren used to interact on Twitter before Lauren decided to deactivate her account recently. The actress wanted to maintain her peace of mind and a more secretive life away from people’s attention. Well, we get it! Especially during this self-quarantine time, people become more mean and judgmental on social media. So we guess our queen made the right decision.

Other than that, Ashton and Lauren are never seen together again in public. Same as Lauren, Ashton never dated anyone after he and Lauren separated. And also, Ashton is only linked to Lauren German throughout his entire career. He seems like a man who values privacy above anything, as well. 

Lauren had a Romance with the Sexy Lucifer, Tom Ellis

Another factor that is linked to Lauren German is her costar in Lucifer, Tom Ellis. He is the one who starred as Lucifer himself and got so much attention because he is smoking hot.

Tom and Lauren’s rumor started when their fans love their chemistry on screen. They played romantic interests on Lucifer, and of course, we all want them to be the real couple! 

Lauren German and Tom Ellis is dating
Lauren German and Tom Ellis (Getty Images)

In season five, Lauren, who played Chloe, and Lucifer started dating as Chloe became a hard-working and amazing mother. However, season 5 is Lauren’s last appearance in the series. 

The rumor of them dating was even stronger when Lauren described Tom as “the loveliest person.”

“Oh, he’s the best. I’ve been so lucky in my life with costars. Taylor Kenney and Jesse Spencer are still my very close friends. Monica Raymund is my best girlfriend, but Tom is the loveliest person. He is so kind and giving. I love him.”

Sadly, Tom and Lauren were not an item in real life, and the two described their relationship as “very close friends.” And from Lauren’s statement, we can conclude that their relationship was platonic instead of romantic. Besides, when that rumor arose, Tom Ellis was dating Meaghan Oppenheimer, an actress, screenwriter, and producer. 

Tom Ellis, on the other hand, is more open about his relationship and personal life than Lauren. He had been in a long-term relationship with Meaghan, and they got married in 2019. Their married life often made the headline, and Tom didn’t mind people knowing his business. Well, that indicates that Tom and Lauren were indeed never dating. Otherwise, they would make it to the headline of the news also!

We’re not going to lie, though; Lauren German and Tom Ellis looked hot in the series! Imagine the two becoming couples in real life. They would be the most good-looking and powerful couple that Hollywood has ever had.

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