Who is Bradley James Wife? Is He Dating Anyone?

Bradley James wife

Bradley James is an English actor and voice-over artist. He is popularly known for his role as Prince Arthur in the BBC TV series Merlin.

Many beautiful models and actresses are attracted to Bradley since he has pretty blue eyes and strong features, which make it hard for the women to resist him, of course.

Bradley James relationships

So, does it mean Bradley James had a lot of girls? Surprisingly, not really. He might be the center of attention quite often, but he is only linked to two women throughout his entire career. We will get more insight about it here.

Is Bradley James Married?

Bradley James is not married. However, it is suspected that he had a romantic relationship with Angel Coulby, who also happens to be his on-screen wife, which was likely an initiator of their relationship in the least.

Bradley James and his girlfriend Angel Coulby
Image: Ian Gavan, Vittorio Zunino Celotto (Getty Images)

Their chemistry in the TV series was so strong that many fans thought they were together in real life since the show aired. However, he was dating his girlfriend, Georgia May King, at the time, but they split sometime in 2011-2012, and shortly after, Bradley and Angel started going out.

Angel might not be as famous as Bradley. Still, she proved her talent as an actress in some movies and TV series, such as Scariest Places on Earth, the paranormal reality series, and Having It Off.

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She continued to make more appearances since then. After her role in Thunderbirds Are Go and TV mini-series Dancing on the Edge and Undercover, she rose to prominence.

However, Angel likes to keep her love life private, which is also the case when she is together with Bradley.

When Angel was asked who inspires her in the movie industry, she said she had more than just one actor. She mentioned that her favorite actors and actresses are Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Scarlett Johansson.

Bradley James and Angel Coulby had been very secretive about their relationship

Since August 2011, the co-stars have been seen together on multiple occasions. In 2012, she was interviewed in Merlin about the kiss of Bradley. The English actress said: “Do it, it’s like another part of the job. And, you know, Bradley and I, we’re buddies. So we just kind of put up with it and did it. I think Bradley enjoyed….”

It’s said they finally agreed to be a pair and have been together. However, the couple has been very secretive about their love life. As a result, not much is known about them, even though they were together for nearly nine years.

They even never explicitly said in their interviews that the two were lovers. Instead, they leave their fans to assume and know the amount of time Bradley and Angel spend together.

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However, some sources stated their breakup was caused by their tight schedules, and they couldn’t find a time to meet each other.

On October 1, 2019, Angel Coulby said that she had a son while talking about climate change and how it affects children. According to Wiki, her son was born in 2018.

On August 12, 2020, Angel talked in her interview with Broadway World about her son, saying that her son would be two-and-a-half years old by August. She and her son had been spending quite a lot of time together, especially during the lockdown.

On the other hand, Bradley continued to split his time between his family and his career by going back and forth to London and Los Angeles. He stated that he’s been doing a great job juggling the two and mentioned that he was a big fan of football when he got back to the UK. His favorite football team is Arsenal.

Bradley also spends his time doing some shows and fundraisers, also joining some charity events.

Bradley James and Maura Higgins

In 2020, Bradley James was linked with the Love Island star Maura Higgins after they were photographed on a dinner date in London. Bradley is eight years older than Maura. They also appeared to follow each other on social media and seemed close already, even before the dinner date.

Bradley James is dating Maura Higgins
Bradley James and Maura Higgins (Photo: Splashnews)

Maura looked fabulous as always. With her highlighted toned frame and a bright pink mini-dress, the two seemed to enjoy their dinner date to the fullest. Meanwhile, Bradley appeared more casual, with blue jeans, a black jacket, and a blue mask, but he still looked hot and charming. Maura and Bradley looked so good walking together in the picture.

The two were reported to go back to Bradley’s apartment and spend the night together after the date.

Maura Higgins couldn’t move on from her ex before dating Bradley: a truth or just a rumor?

Maura dated another Love Island cast, Curtis Pritchard, before dating Bradley, but Maura and Curtis broke up in March 2019. And, she admitted that it was hard seeing her ex was dating another girl right after their breakup.

However, Maura quickly moved on and seemed to find comfort and a loving relationship with Bradley James.

When asked if this bothered her, Maura said she didn’t mind dating an older man.

She said: “Age isn’t a problem for me, to be honest. Younger or older, I don’t mind. For me, it’s the connection you have with somebody.”

Maura explained to the Daily Mail, “I’ve been on one date, and that was with the guy I was with before Love Island, so I’m not used to the dating scene at all.” But, she added, “I am still single. But, I did get back into the dating scene, which was good.”

However, the second lockdown has now halted Higgins’s dating life. She said, “It was enjoyable, to be fair, but everything happens for a reason; we’re in lockdown for a reason.”

Maura Higgins was known as a “man-eater.”

Maura and Bradley’s dating news became a hot topic since Maura downplayed her reputation in Love Island. She had a reputation as a “man-eater” by saying that she was “only on a date” and “scared” of meeting a new boyfriend. Well, what is Bradley for her, then? We hope Bradley wasn’t another target for the “man-eater.”

But, she admitted that her saying was just for the show. She revealed that she had only ever gone on one date throughout her life. Therefore, she implied that her romance with Bradley was genuine.

She said that she was “nervous” to go back to the dating experience. She didn’t explicitly mention Bradley’s name, but people got the idea.

“I know we did a lot of dating on the show, but you’re in a completely different environment,” told the actress. “I’m 29, and I’ve only been on one date! So when I think of it like that, it’s quite scary.”

She also added, “I’d be a nervous wreck on a date, which sounds crazy because I’m a confident woman, but I wouldn’t know what to do myself.”

When she was dating Bradley, she wasn’t free from other rumors. She was rumored to have a thing with another costar in Love Island, Chris Hughes, and she even made a joke out of it by saying that she and Chris might have a chance to be “friends with benefits.” But, it didn’t apply that the two were close or even dating, so it was just a rumor.

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Apart from that, her relationship with Bradley seems to go in a right and stable direction, and who knows that the two might move into a more serious phase?

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