What is Jaleel White’s Net Worth in 2024

Jaleel White Net Worth

Gaining popularity through his role as Steve Urkel in the beloved sitcom Family Matters, Jaleel White quickly established his name as one of Hollywood’s most prominent comedy actors!

He is also known for his role in various other series and movies, such as Sonic, Grown Ups, Dreamgirls, and Bones. Moreover, Jaleel White starred in the Netflix sitcom, The Big Show Show.

How Much is Jaleel White’s Net Worth?

With a nearly three-decades-long career, Jaleel White has amassed quite a fortune under his name! He is entitled to an $8 million net worth, thanks to his success portraying the iconic role of Steve Urkel.

Jaleel White
Jaleel White (instagram)

His success wasn’t only limited to Family Matters! Jaleel also gained success with his other acting and hosting endeavors, such as Full House and Psych, which increased his net worth even more.

How Did Jaleel White Start His Acting Career?

Contrary to many stories of other actors in Hollywood, Jaleel White began his acting career with the encouragement of his preschool teacher. This advice made him start acting on TV commercials when he was three!

After commercial appearances, Jaleel’s first TV role was minor in the long-lasting sitcom The Jeffersons. Jaleel White eventually made his career breakthrough in 1988 after he was cast in the hit sitcom Family Matters.

Jaleel White in Family Matters (TV Series)
Jaleel White in Family Matters (TV Series)

Jaleel’s character as Steve Urkel quickly became well-loved by the audience, to the point that his character was commercialized as breakfast cereal Urkel-Os and Urkel doll.

Unfortunately, the fame of his character Steve Urkel also made Jaleel face difficulties in auditioning for new roles.

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Jaleel White also did some voice acting, as he voiced the famous character of Sonic the Hedgehog in the animated series adaptation, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and its three sequels. He later voiced the teenage version of Martin Luther King Jr. in the educational animated video, Our Friend, Martin.

Jaleel White in The Big Show Show (TV Series)
Jaleel White in The Big Show Show (TV Series)

He starred in the Netflix sitcom The Big Show Show in a recurring role.

How Much Real Estate Does Jaleel White Own?

With his $8 million net worth, it’s no wonder that Jaleel White lives in a lavish house. The actor resides in Marina del Rey, California, in a beautiful home that cost him $2 million!

Jaleel White's Home in Marina del Rey, California
Jaleel White’s Home in Marina del Rey, California (instagram)

The house is surrounded by a vast garden covered by several trees, providing the privacy that Jaleel and his family need. The 3,200 square-feet property is equipped with four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

What Does Jaleel White Drive?

Jaleel White owns several cars, which cost him quite a fortune!

Jaleel White's Aston Martin Rapide
Jaleel White’s Aston Martin Rapide

For his daily routine, the actor drives an Audi RS7, which costs him more than $260,000! He also owns an Aston Martin Rapide that boasts a whopping price somewhere between $260,400 to $389,180.

Does Jaleel White Own Any Business?

In 2021, Jaleel White ventured into the business of cannabis by launching ItsPurpl. The cannabis line partners with 710 Labs, a well-known cannabis brand. The best-selling product of ItsPurpl is Purple Urkle, a nod to Jaleel’s most prominent role.

When asked about his decision to start a marijuana business, Jaleel claimed that he felt “a bit like Willy Wonka” since the flavor of his products is “so grape candy.”

How Much Does Jaleel White Earn?

It seems fair to say that Jaleel’s White role as Steve Urkel built his fortune until today! Jaleel reportedly earned $180,000 for each episode of Family Matters at the peak of the show, roughly amounting to $4 million per season.

Furthermore, Jaleel starred in 204 out of 215 episodes of the series. This means he made a lot of money from this TV show.


Jaleel White is best known for his role as Steve Urkel in the hit television sitcom Family Matters. His net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, which allows him to own a lavish house and luxury cars.

With all of his various projects and net worth, Jaleel White is proving to be a success in the entertainment industry.

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