Tracee Ellis Ross Would “love to get married,” but Has She Found the Perfect Husband Material?

Tracee Ellis Ross love life

Tracee Ellis Ross has no husband yet, but that doesn’t mean the actress closed all the doors to the possibility!

In an interview with Extra TV at the 2022 D23 Expo, Tracee admitted that getting married is one of her bucket lists.

“I’d love to get married,” she shared. “I don’t know, one day. … Somebody who’s gonna make my life better,” Tracee answered when asked about her ideal type.

Despite what most of society believes regarding her age, Tracee revealed that she is in no rush to get married. In fact, she doesn’t mind “waiting for the right person” when it comes to the man she’ll marry.

Well, hopefully, Tracee can find her dream guy soon!

Are Tracee Ellis Ross and Kenya Barris Together?

Tracee Ellis Ross and Kenya Barris relationship
Tracee Ellis Ross and Kenya Barris (Getty Images)

In 2020, Tracee Ellis Ross reportedly dated the Black-ish creator, Kenya Barris. FYI, the plot of Black-ish is based on Kenya’s life, and Kenya’s then-wife inspired Tracee’s role!

Funnily enough, the dating rumors surfaced shortly after Kenya filed for divorce again (the first time was in 2014 when they decided to reconcile) from his wife, Dr. Rania Barris.

Both Tracee and Kenya never addressed the rumors, though, and they were never seen together unless during the premiere and events for the series. Several fans were convinced that the pair were dating, as they often hung out together and once even posed with color-coordinating pajamas.

Bu Thiam is Tracee Ellis Ross’ Only Boyfriend Who Went Public

Tracee Ellis Ross and Bu Thiam relationship
Tracee Ellis Ross, Bu Thiam

While Tracee Ellis Ross is notoriously private regarding her personal life, one (and the only) lad was pictured together with her: Abou “Bu” Thiam!

In case you’re unfamiliar with his name, Abou is Akon’s brother who also served as the executive of Def Jam.

Rumors of their relationship surfaced in 2012 after they were frequently spotted together. While Tracee refused to comment on the rumors, as usual, Abou dished out the ten years after they had broken up.

“Me and Tracee are going to be lovers forever,” Abou opened up in an episode of The Breakfast Club. “Me and her have this genuine, unconditional relationship,” he added.

Abou also gushed that Tracee is “one of the most unconditional, loving, spirited people” of all the ladies he has ever dated.

While the former couple had broken up long ago, it seems like Abou still has some lingering feelings toward Tracee (I mean, who doesn’t?)! According to The Jasmine Brand, Abou left a flirty comment under Tracee’s poolside photo, claiming she’s “still fine” with three heart eyes emojis.

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The music executive also shared an adorable silly video of Tracee wishing him a happy birthday, stating that she would always be the first person to wish him a happy birthday. Abou even referred to Tracee as a “beautiful soul!”

Do you think we’re going to see some old love blooming?

Did Tracee Ellis Ross Date Henry Simmons?

Tracee Ellis Ross and Henry Simmons relationship
Henry Simmons, Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross was once rumored to be dating Henry Simmons for a completely unknown reason. So far, the alleged couple has never starred in the same show, and they were never pictured together, either!

The timeline of their relationship (if there’s any) is also unknown. 

Perhaps rather than a relationship, it’s more suitable to call it a brief fling instead!

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