The Truth Behind John Magaro Wife And Gay Rumors

John Magaro wife Janice Hong

John Magaro is one of the familiar faces who often grace your TV screen. The actor adapted and portrayed various interesting characters from comedy to crime drama.

With his career doing as great as ever, his personal life has become more interesting for the public. With how private he is, we have curated every information we could find about John Magaro’s love life below!

Does John Magaro Have A Wife?

John Magaro is a married man

Yes, John Magaro is off the market, people! He’s a married man and a happy father of one. He married his wife, Janice Hong, whom he met for the first time at his brother’s wedding. They hit it off immediately and started dating before getting hitched in 2016.

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The couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter, in 2020, shortly after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. As a matter of fact, John was one (if not the only) of the first husbands allowed to go into the hospital post-pandemic!

“Becoming a father changes you,” he said in an interview with Cleveland Magazine. “The love we have for her is unmatched,” John gushed.

Although John and Janice have been together for over a decade, the couple seems content, keeping their relationship from the spotlight. Well, a more normal environment for baby Magaro to grow up in, right?

Is John Magaro Gay?

John Magaro in first cow
John Magaro, First Cow

John Magaro is one of those actors who managed to have and show brilliant chemistry with his co-stars. When you star in a queer-themed movie, those types of chemistry will get people questioning your sexuality!

“It’s a daunting task, but it was really exciting to have that challenge,” the actor shared his thoughts on his role. “I felt a sense of confidence,” he added.

John is also never timid about sharing his thoughts on his and Orion Lee’s on-screen relationship, something which many audiences believed there was more than just a friendship!

“He loves King-Lu. It’s a deep love,” John said. “They’re beyond friends. They’re soulmates. They have a divine connection to each other,” he continued.

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However, when it comes to his sexuality, John never openly discusses it until he announces the birth of his daughter to his wife, Janice Hong, debunking all those gay rumors.

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