Discover How Much The Star of The Last Kingdom Series, Alexander Dreymon, is Worth

Alexander Dreymon Net Worth

One of the up-and-coming actors, Alexander Dreymon, consistently captures the audience’s attention throughout the whole series of The Last Kingdom. With his bulky physique and handsome visual, Alexander quickly became the new Hollywood heartthrob!

Alexander Dreymon has been appearing in many movies and TV series before gaining worldwide recognition through the TV series adaptation of the novel series The Last Kingdom.

How Much is Alexander Dreymon’s Net Worth?

Alexander Dreymon has a promising career ahead of him! The Last Kingdom, where he starred in the lead role, became a significant success. This would, of course, affect his earnings and popularity.

Alexander Dreymon is estimated to have a net worth of more than $5 million! His primary sources of earnings are his movies and TV series projects.

How Successful is Alexander Dreymon’s Career?

Unlike some Hollywood actors who got into acting by total coincidence, Alexander Dreymon had always dreamt of being an actor! He even went through a three-year training program at Drama Centre London.

Alexander’s first acting credit was a French TV drama entitled Ni reprise, ni échangée in 2010. A year later, he scored several supporting roles in various movies. He starred in Christopher and His Kind, followed by The Last Fashion Show and the short film Who’s Watching Who later that year. Alexander also appeared in the 2011 movie adaptation of Owen Sheers’ novel Resistance.

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In 2013, he starred in five episodes of the third season of American Horror Stories. Alexander portrayed one of the recurring characters, Luke Ramsey. A year later, he returned to co-star in the independent thriller Blood Ransom alongside Anne Curtis. He continued to star in another independent movie, The Test of Time, in 2015.

Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom (TV Series)
Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom (TV Series)

Alexander Dreymon scored his first big-shot role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the hit series The Last Kingdom. The series is the adaptation of a novel series under the same name by Bernard Cornwell. He received many praises for his acting and soon got more fans as the series went by!

While filming The Last Kingdom, Alexander starred in several movies, such as Guys Reading Poems in 2016, Heartlock in 2018, and Horizon Line in 2020.

Alexander Dreymon is set to reprise his role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the follow-up movie of The Last Kingdom series, Seven Kings Must Die. The film is set to premiere in 2023 through the Netflix streaming service.

Where Does Alexander Dreymon Live?

Being a German-born man, Alexander once revealed that he considered Los Angeles as his home. However, he didn’t elaborate further on whether he meant the statement as a literal expression of having a home in Los Angeles or not!

Alexander is super tight-lipped regarding his personal life. And yes, houses and cars are included! However, many people speculated that he currently resides with his partner, Allison Williams, and their baby boy in Allison’s New Canaan home.

Allison Williams house

Allison reportedly bought the house for $1.3 million several years ago. The barn-like property is equipped with a gym, home cinema, home office, and library. Oh, and have we mentioned that the house is surrounded by forest?!

A total secluded and private area Alexander loves. And with the addition of a newborn baby boy, we can expect Alexander Dreymon to be super strict in keeping his family away from the spotlight!

How Much Is Alexander Dreymon’s Salary?

There’s little information about his salary since he primarily starred in independent movies. However, several reports stated that Alexander Dreymon consistently earns more than $200,000 annually!

Thanks to the success of The Last Kingdom, Alexander is most likely to earn thousands of dollars for every episode he starred in the series.

Moreover, Alexander Dreymon is set to star in the movie sequel of The Last Kingdom series. Considering how much popularity he has gotten over the years, he can expect some significant pay raise in the contract!

Also, including his salary from other projects, Alexander Dreymon is sure to live comfortably thanks to his hard work!

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