Building A Family of Social Media Personalities: Get to Know Sommer Ray’s Two Sisters and A Secluded Brother

Like any other influencer, Sommer Ray often shares snaps of her family life, thus dragging her siblings and parents into the limelight, too!

Sommer ray with her sisters Skylyn and Savana
Sommer ray with her sisters Skylyn and Savana (Twitter)

As a fitness influencer, Sommer Ray is among the most popular social media personalities. From YouTube and TikTok to Instagram, you best believe there isn’t any single platform that Sommer Ray has yet to grace with her presence.

How Many Siblings Does Sommer Ray Have?

While she doesn’t share pictures with her siblings as often as the KarJenners, Sommer Ray is the second oldest of four siblings!

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The social media personality has a younger sibling, a sister named Savana, and two siblings, a sister named Skylyn and a brother named Bronson!

Sommer ray parents
Sommer ray parents (Instagram)

Savana was born in 1990, followed by Sommer and Skylyn in 1996 and 1998, respectively. For the youngest Ray, Bronson, it’s unclear when exactly he was born, but it seems he has quite a close age gap with Skylyn.

Are Sommer Ray’s Siblings Also Social Media Personalities?

While Sommer Ray undoubtedly still holds the record as the most followed member of the Ray family, her siblings are slowly but surely catching up.

Her younger sister Skylyn shares the same interest in fitness, often flaunting her superb physique on her Instagram page. According to fans, the middle child is venturing to OnlyFans, establishing her online presence where her sister hasn’t.

Meanwhile, Sommer’s elder sister, Savana, is pursuing a more low-key profession than her two younger sisters. According to her work Instagram account, Savana is a “traveling photographer” based in Denver. Still, both her personal and work accounts boast thousands of followers. The perks of being Sommer’s sister, perhaps?

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Sommer also has a younger brother, contrary to popular belief! His name is Bronson, and he prefers to lead a life entirely out of the spotlight. It’s unclear whether he has any social media presence. Still, when Sommer’s mom posted a collage of pictures of the four siblings, she didn’t tag Bronson’s Instagram handle, clearly respecting his wishes to remain unknown.

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