From CLOY to Real-Life Love: Seo Ji Hye Boyfriends

Seo Ji-Hye boyfriends

Seo Ji-Hye is one of the most popular actresses in Korea. Gaining global recognition from the hit series Crash Landing on You in 2019, Seo Ji-Hye has been cementing her name as one of the Korean A-listers.

Besides commercial success, Seo Ji-Hye’s acting skills are also approved by critics. She has received 13 nominations for her various works and won six of them!

Are Seo Ji-Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun also Couples Off-Screen?

Ji-Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun relationship
CLOY stars Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun

Crash Landing on You was one drama that brought so many people into K-dramas. The drama immediately gained the audience’s interest with an exciting storyline and star-studded cast ensemble.

Many fans rejoiced when it was confirmed that the drama’s leading couple, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, were dating in real life. This caused fans to hope that the drama’s sub-couple, Seo Ji-Hye, and Kim Jung-Hyun, also got their denied happy ending off-screen!

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In April 2021, Korean media reported that the pair were indeed dating for a year. The couple was said to start going out after Crash Landing on You concluded. Dispatch also attached pictures of Ji-Hye and Jung-Hyun entering the same apartment building along with the report.

Seo Ji-Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun at hotel

However, Seo Ji-Hye quickly denied the rumors through her agency. Culture Depot released an official statement that Ji-Hye and Jung-Hyun often met up recently because he needed her help “about the matter of transferring agencies.”

The statement also explained that they were pictured entering the same apartment complex because the actors decided to meet at home due to the pandemic. Moreover, Seo Ji-Hye told her agency that she “is definitely not dating Kim Jung-Hyun.”

Ouch. A bit harsh, don’t you think?

Kim Jung-Hyun also denied the rumors. Through his agency, O& Entertainment, he announced that Ji-Hye and him “are only maintaining a close relationship as senior and junior.”

Well, unfortunately, no more off-screen Crash Landing on You couple for us!

Are Seo Ji-Hye and Yun Sung-Hwan Still Together?

Yun Sung-Hwan and Seo Ji-Hye
YUN Sung-Hwan and Seo Ji-Hye

In 2017, the Korea Times released a report that Seo Ji-Hye is currently dating baseball pitcher Yun Sung-Hwan since the beginning of that year.

An inside source told the media that Ji-Hye and Sung-Hwan have been going out quite often and staying low whenever the Samsung Lions’ athlete has no games scheduled.

Furthermore, Ji-Hye and Sung-Hwan reportedly met for the first time on a double date arranged by another celebrity-pitcher couple, Han Hye-Jin and Cha Woo-Chan. Sung-Hwan was said to be immediately charmed by Ji-Hye’s “femininity, wisdom, and sharp character.”

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However, the rumors seemed false, and Ji-Hye was eager to set the record straight. Only several hours after the news broke out, her agency at that time, HB Entertainment, denied the rumors in an official statement.

“It’s baseless rumors,” the company wrote. “We’re not sure why the unconfirmed, ridiculous report went out like that,” the statement closed.

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