Rosanna Pansino: Her Relationship Status and Surprising Love Life

Rosanna Pansino with her boyfriend Mike Lamond

Being famous is most people’s dream, but few know how to make it into reality. Rosanna Pansino isn’t one of them. She’s not only one of the highest-paid content creators but also appears in some big-hit series, including Glee, CSI, Parks, and Recreation.

However, being a famous actress and YouTube content creator has consequences: people want to know every detail of her personal life, especially her romantic relationships. And admit it, you are one of the people dying to know about it as well, aren’t you?

Rosanna Pansino photo in the beach
Photo: Rosanna Pansino/Instagram

Worry not, guys, because that’s what we’re here for. We’ll unravel every detail of Rosanna Pansino’s romantic relationship here.

Mike Lamond Has Been Rosanna’s Boyfriend for Almost a Decade?!

Rosanna is not single at the moment. She’s been in a long-term relationship with the former sports commentator and now a famous YouTube content creator, Mike Lamond.

Mike goes by the nickname “Husky.” You might be more familiar with Mike after hearing his nickname, right?

Rosanna Pansino and Mike Lamond have been dating since 2013, and their relationship gets stronger yearly. However, 2013 wasn’t the year they met for the first time. Guess what? They had known each other in 2010, even three years before they became an item. That’s a very long time to know someone! They’re one of the lucky people who can date their best friends and someone they’ve known for a long time.

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In 2010, the couple met because they worked together on their YouTube projects. Neither Rosanna nor Mike reveal further details about the project. But that means the two have worked together for over a decade.

Rosanna Pansino and Mike Lamond still together
Rosanna Pansino and Mike Lamond (Youtube/Rosanna Pansino)

Rosanna and Mike have one thing in common: they love to put their lives out there for people to see since they are both content creators. Rosanna created and hosted the internet’s famous baking show, Nerdy Nummies.

Surprisingly, though, their relationship wasn’t published until 2018. So, five years of dating in secret? Who would’ve thought that content creators and famous people like them could do something like that?!

In 2019, Rosanna shared one of their heartwarming moments on Valentine’s Day and revealed the story of how these lovebirds met for the first time. The information about when Rosanna and Mike began dating was also revealed in that video. We know that too many relationships are crushed because both parties put too many details about it, which results in many people giving unsolicited opinions about it. We have so much respect for how they constantly put themselves out there but still keep the details of things that matter to them.

So, after knowing that Rosanna Pansino and Mike Lamond have been together for eight years, the inevitable question arises: when will they walk down the aisle? And when will they decide to have kids?

Rosanna answered that question herself (it makes us love her even more!). In a YouTube video titled Rosanna Pansino Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions, which was uploaded in August 2018, she answered it by saying:

“I am not married, but I’m in a relationship. My boyfriend and I have dated each other for so long that it feels like we’re married.”

Looking at her answer, we can safely assume that marriage doesn’t make a difference in Rosanna and Mike’s relationship. The two have been together for so long, to the point that label and status don’t matter to them. Their love for each other is their priority, and they will walk down the aisle once they want it.

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So far, there isn’t any information about whether the two want to have children. Maybe, their career as content creators and the continuity of their relationship are their utmost priorities right now. Well, as long as they’re happy, who are we to complain, right?!

A Relationship Rumor with Josh Sussman

Mike Lamond isn’t the only guy in Rosanna’s life. She was rumored to have had another relationship besides Mike Lamond. That guy is an actor, Josh Sussman.

Rosanna Pansino and Josh Sussman
Rosanna Pansino and Josh Sussman (Photo: Getty Images)

Josh was her co-star in Glee, and their chemistry in the series was beyond this world. Their fans couldn’t help but ship them together, even though there wasn’t any confirmation about their relationship back then. Josh and Rosanna stayed silent, and the two neither denied nor confirmed the rumor.

But, there was one thing that convinced people that Rosanna didn’t date Josh Sussman. The rumor came out in 2015. At that year, Rosanna was already in a relationship with Mike, although at that time, Rosanna hadn’t opened up about it. Rosanna and Mike’s relationship was so strong, and there was no news that Rosanna cheated on Mike, so her romance with Josh Sussman was impossible.

It’s understandable since Rosanna and Josh appeared in one of the most successful series. However, Josh and Rosanna were indeed close to each other, although the relationship might not be a romantic one. The pair was seen visiting several movie premiers and red carpets together.

Does Rosanna Pansino Have Other Relationships?

For someone as pretty and talented as Rosanna Pansino, we find it hard to believe that she only has one official relationship throughout her entire career.

Rosanna Pansino is a loyal woman who doesn’t like to play around and treat a relationship as something that isn’t serious. It’s rare nowadays, especially with all these resources and celebrity cheating news. That’s why we have so much love and respect for Rosanna Pansino.

We hope that her relationship with Mike Lamond will end up in a marriage and they will be happily ever after. Fingers crossed for them!

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