The Soundless Relationship Status of the “Rocker’s” Daughter: Eve Hewson, and Her Dating History

Eve Hewson love life

Eve Hewson is currently living her best life. Successfully pushed her name into Hollywood’s A-list of new upcoming actresses, born with connection and wealth so immense from her father’s work; Eve has everything she wanted to unravel right before her eyes.

Only one thing that she found difficult. Yes, it was the presence of a genuine and loyal companion alongside her. 

Eve Hewson’s possible husband, James Lafferty

Eve Hewson and James Lafferty
Eve Hewson and James Lafferty

Eve took her first step into Hollywood when she appeared in the film “The 27 Club.” The film proved momentous for Eve from the perspective of Eve’s career and romance thus far. At this moment, Eve Hewson genuinely fell in love with a particular man, James Lafferty.

The Californian-born actor rose into Hollywood when he starred in the “One Tree Hill” TV series. The series aired on television for a staggering nine years, from 2003 to its completion in 2012. Since then, James Lafferty’s name has appeared in several films and series, including “Underground,” “The Haunting of Hill House,” and his recent involvement in the “All American” series. 

The meeting between Eve and James took place around 2007. Hollywood Zam, in their article, wrote that the meeting occurred while Eve was working on the upcoming film, “The 27 Club.” For James’ part, however, it was still unclear the reason why he was there.

IMDb confirmed that James Lafferty had no projects or plays from 2003 to 2009. Fortunately, We did know what happened next between the two. Eve was utterly taken away by James’ persona and fell in love with him instantly. 

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Eve and James maintain close contact and the next thing we know, they have secretly begun dating. However, it took three years after the meeting during the filming before Eve and James chose to become a couple. One can only say it was a romance that would last for a brief moment. But you might want to rescind that statement. 

The romantic tales of James Lafferty and Eve Hewson, surprisingly, stood tall against all odds. From the moment they stumbled across to the eventual courtship in 2010, Eve and James were a thing, and it was something that the fans had been anticipating. Eve and James have tightly stayed together for five years since they began dating. Sadly, every story has its culmination, and the couple’s relationship was no exception. 

The bitter end of Eve Hewson and James Lafferty occurred in 2015. The fans, seemingly unhappy with the development, demanded an answer from the two. However, both Eve and James kept their lips tight and never once publicly announced why they chose to end their relationship. 

Eve Hewson’s comforting romantic tales alongside Max Minghella

Eve Hewson and Max Minghella
Eve Hewson and Max Minghella (Photo: Getty Images)

Eve had her heart torn apart when she and James were no longer a couple. The agitation and anguish she felt made Eve decide she could not continue like this. Eve finally made another chance at romance when she appeared as comfortable as she would be alongside Max Minghella. But just what happened behind the curtain?  

Max, the London-born actor, caught the attention of Eve Hewson when he appeared in the 2015 film “Into the Forest.” Eve likely saw something inside Max, and she decided to pursue Max even further. She finally got the actor’s attention later in mid-2015 after her disastrous failed romance with James Lafferty.

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The UK and the Irish-born actress started their newest romantic chapter by going into casual sightseeing in New York City. Some fans and paparazzi caught the couple off-handed, and the news swirled around the media about a possible romance between Eve Hewson and Max Minghella

The Independent reported that the couple looked “in a positive mood while taking some walks around NY.”  At a glance, the couple seemed eerily similar. Both had astounding fathers who made huge fortunes in the business. The couple had also collected some fair share of accolades between them. For us, their similarities made Eve and Max a couple made by heaven. 

Eve Hewson with her dad Bono
Eve Hewson with her dad (Photo: Getty Images)

Unfortunately, Eve’s romantic tale with Max lasted for a brief period and never had any chance of going further. The relationship ended around 2019 or 2020, with multiple sources claiming that the exact date was still under the shadows. However, according to HZ, Eve and Max ended their relationship for “personal reasons.” 

To this day, no official explanation has come from both parties. Eve, however, tried to make herself “visible” to the Hollywood guys that she was looking for a relationship. Independent met with her and her father, Bono, and during the interview, Eve said that she:

“I need to make myself noticeable. My sister told me I needed to do that since I had an overwhelming confidence in myself. However, I brushed her off because I am enjoying my life as a single person.” 

Maybe after this, Eve’s perspective would want to heed her sister’s advice and finally land on another man’s heart. This time, we hope this will be Eve’s penultimate taste of love that will stand for a lifetime. 

Hollywood’s newest “diva:” Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson quote

The girl came to this world and tasted just how tormenting and attempting the artist’s life could be. The girl’s name was Eve Hewson. If you wonder who she is, try to broaden your memory. Eve began her career when she appeared in the film “The 27 Club.” Her career gradually skyrocketed since her debut. 

As we said before, Eve Hewson is not from your average lineage. According to our sources, her father was none other than a member of the legendary rock band U2.

Her father didn’t want Eve to become an actress; however, she persisted. 

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