“I didn’t have anything to hide”: Nina Dobrev Has Been the Center of Plastic Surgery Rumors for Years, and She Has A Lot to Say

Nina Dobrev keeps an exciting perspective when it comes to plastic surgery rumors that follow her everywhere she turns.

Nina Dobrev plastic surgery rumors
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The star of two of the most extensive TV series and securing the leading roles in both, Nina Dobrev quickly cemented her reputation as one of the most popular actresses in the 2000s! With her innocent-like beauty, it’s natural for people to get drawn to her.

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However, as Nina Dobrev reached adulthood a year later, rumors circulated about her alleged plastic surgery procedures. But do the rumors hold any truth?

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Nina Dobrev Allegedly Receive?

Being under the spotlight for more than a decade, Nina Dobrev has resigned to having her appearances scrutinized to the tiniest bits of details. And when we’re talking about little details, we’re talking about, you know, smile lines and stuff!

Yep, one of the fans’ favorite features of Nina’s is her adorable and prominent smile lines. These lines never fail to make others smile whenever they see Nina smile. However, according to the comparison pictures the Bulgarian’s smile lines seem less prominent lately.

Nina Dobrev plastic surgery before and after

Her plumper cheeks also didn’t help and even fueled the allegations that Nina got some Botox injections to reduce some of her wrinkles, considering the beauty is now in her 30s. Unfortunately, her lovely smile lines seem to be reduced as well!

Another of her facial features that was accused of getting fixed was her eyelids. Compared to her old pictures, Nina’s eyelids appeared bigger and more prominent, making fans wonder whether the actress had gotten any eyelid surgery.

The Truth Behind Nina Dobrev’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nina Dobrev is known for her carefree and no-nonsense personality. Perhaps that is why, unlike many other celebrities who prefer to remain mum about plastic surgery rumors, Nina opted to deny those allegations head-on.

“I didn’t have anything to hide,” the Bulgarian-Canadian actress clarified in an episode of Podcrushed. “I was annoyed because I was reading these things that were not true,” she added.

Nina also later claimed that any changes to her physical appearance were caused by aging, which is “a natural part of life.”

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Furthermore, Nina once opened up that she’s allergic to many things and often experiences severe allergic reactions that make her end up in the emergency room more often than not, like when Nina shared pictures of her donning an oxygen mask with swollen eyes and cheeks.

Perhaps besides aging, Nina Dobrev’s multiple allergic reactions are also the reasons behind several changes in her facial features!

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