The Reason Why Moises Arias Doesn’t Have a Wife Yet May Have Something to Do with the Willow Smith Controversy

Moises Arias is probably known for two things: starring in Hannah Montana and posing in bed with then-underage Willow Smith.

Moises Arias rumored wife

While the actor still stars in multiple movies and TV series post-Disney, many people still refer to him as Rico, as the role propelled him to stardom.

With his age nearing 30, Moises Arias still seems single and not in any serious relationship. More on the complete history of his romantic adventure is below!

Does Moises Arias Have A Wife?

Moises Arias has yet to feel the urge to settle down and tie the knot! His current relationship remains a mystery, as he is never being spotted on a date with mystery women.

However, that doesn’t mean ladies don’t fawn around him!

According to his social media, Moises is currently developing skills in photography, and it’s fair to say that he has no shortage of beautiful women to photograph.

Earlier this year, he posted a steamy picture of Liv Grace Blue kneeling in a pool, showcasing her fit physique. But what caught fans’ attention is how Liv commented on the post, declaring her love with hearts and rainbow emojis.

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Several months later, Moises posted another picture, capturing him being kissed (or munched?) on the cheek by a mystery lady. It’s unclear whether the girl in the image is also Liv since the actor didn’t tag anyone, but the photos left fans hungry for any scope of Moises’ love life!

Inside Moises Arias and Willow Smith’s Controversial Photo

In 2014, Moises Arias enraged fans by posing in bed, shirtless, with Willow Smith.

Now, before you jump to a conclusion and claim that it was some delusional fan thing, what enraged fans was that Moises was 20 while Willow had just turned 13! Moises himself posted the picture with the caption “Simba and Nala.”

Things got messier when Willow’s parents, none other than A-listers Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, were investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, according to RadarOnline.

The investigation was conducted after Will and Jada ignored the outrage about the photo.

Who Is Moises Arias’ First Public Girlfriend?

Moises Arias first girlfriend Cassidy Shawchuk
Moises Arias and Cassidy Shawchuk

When Moises Arias still had the goody two-shoe image in his Disney era, many fans knew he was dating a non-celebrity named Cassidy Shawchuk. The couple never shied away from sharing adorable snaps, and fans are all for it!

The former pair started dating in 2011. However, it was unknown when they decided to part ways, as they just stopped sharing pictures abruptly.

Many fans suspect Moises and Cassidy broke up shortly before the Willow Smith controversy, but nothing was ever confirmed.

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