How Randall Park’s Hand-Drawn Cartoon Score Him A Wife

Randall Park wife

You might have known him as Asian Jim in an episode of The Office, Louis Huang in the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, or Jimmy Woo in the MCU. Yep, Randall Park is as versatile as anyone could be!

Randall is a talented actor and has a talented wife with the same wit and sense of humor! Their love life dates back to the 2000s, and the couple is still going as strong as ever.

How Did Randall Park Meet His Wife?

how did randall park meet his wife
Randall Park with his wife Jae Suh Park

Randall Park has been in a happy and healthy marriage with fellow actress Jae Suh Park for more than a decade.

Not only did their long-lasting romance become the envy of many people, but the story of their first meeting screams nothing more than what was meant to be and will be!

Jae Suh recalled their meeting in an interview with LA Weekly, claiming they first met at a fundraiser event in 2007. The actress admitted that she became interested in Randall after seeing the hand-drawn cartoon he made for the fundraising event.

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While they didn’t manage to chat during the event, they were reunited on an audition, where Randall decided to invite Jae Suh to come to his birthday party. When the party ended and Jae Suh went home, Randall called her and asked her for a date.

And, well, the rest is history!

Randall Park Proposed to His Wife at A Steakhouse

It only took several dates for two weeks for them to confess their love for each other. Randall Park and Jae Suh Park later dated for a year before he eventually proposed to Jae Suh at Billingsley’s Steak House. Randall and Jae Suh tied the knot five months later.

“It’s been nothing but a blessing,” Randall told LA Weekly. “It helps to have somebody’s shoulder to lean on, especially if they understand what you’re going through,” he added.

The couple celebrated their tenth anniversary back in 2019. Jae Suh took on her Instagram to celebrate the happy occasion, claiming that she loves Randall “even more than BTS.”

When asked about the secret to their long marriage in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Randall stated that the secret is that you have “to choose the right one” and never to settle unless “the person is your best friend and you love that person.”

Talk about true love!

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