Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth: How Much Actress and Singer is Really Worth

Miranda Cosgrove net worth 2024

Miranda Cosgrove is one of several celebrities who succeeded in both acting and singing. She gained popularity through her role as the main character in Nickelodeon’s TV series iCarly.

How Much is Miranda Cosgrove’s Net Worth?

Miranda has amassed a net worth of $10 million as a successful artist! Thanks to her success in the iCarly reboot and other projects, the amount of her net worth has the potential to increase way more!

Here’s Where Miranda Cosgrove Lives

Miranda Cosgrove house tour
Photo: MC/Instagram

In 2012, Miranda Cosgrove purchased a 3,000 square feet Los Angeles home. As if it’s not impressive enough, she bought the house in her name when she was only 19 years old! The house cost her $2.65 million.

Miranda still lives in the same house a decade later, which was understandable considering it had already been equipped with a secluded pool, beautiful kitchen, and three bedrooms. And don’t forget the custom-made bar only for Miranda and her loved ones!

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The house is protected from prying eyes with a high fence and high hedges. The added protection keeps Miranda’s privacy while enjoying her backyard pool and spa.

Does Miranda Cosgrove Own Any Car?

Miranda Cosgrove car collection

She owns quite a number if you see her Instagram feed!

Miranda Cosgrove first purchased a Porsche Cayenne in 2012, shortly before she passed the driving test and earned her driving license. The car sports a hefty price tag of $49,000 and could reach $140,000 if Miranda’s was a part of the Turbo series!

Miranda is also known as one of the celebrities who has the prettiest car selfies! She regularly posts several selfies taken in her car. Whether she still drives her old Porsche or not, no one knows!

Miranda Cosgrove is Entering the Production Company Business

In late 2020, Miranda Cosgrove signed a deal with Paramount Pictures and its streaming service, Paramount+, to serve as the executive producer for the iCarly reboot. Miranda is still working closely with Nickelodeon Studios to work on the show.

As an executive producer, Miranda admitted that her goal was to create a suitable show for their previously kid audiences who have reached adulthood.Miranda Cosgrove is set to produce the second season of the iCarly revival, which has undergone a production process in 2021.

How Much is Miranda Cosgrove’s Salary?

Miranda Cosgrove with her pet dog
Photo: MC/Instagram

Miranda Cosgrove once seemed to be an unstoppable child actress with a bright future. One might have compared her to Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Well, they’re not wrong! When she starred in iCarly, she earned $180,000 for every episode! This amount made her one of the highest-paid child actresses worldwide.

Later in 2012, she cemented her achievement by being recorded as the highest-paid child actress by the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s estimated that Miranda earned nearly $2 million for every season of iCarly.

Many predicted that her net worth and salary could’ve been higher if it wasn’t for her tour bus accident, followed by several lawsuits related to her album tour. From the incident, Miranda reportedly suffered a total of $2.5 million in financial losses, with the canceled 25 concerts worth $400,000!

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