Mads Mikkelsen and His Wife Are the Epitome of “Happily Ever After”

Mads Mikkelsen love life

Earning recognition in Hollywood due to his role as the titular character in the TV series Hannibal, many need to remember that Mads Mikkelsen is an established actor back home in Denmark despite only hitting it big in Hollywood in the 2010s.

Like how many people remained clueless about his extensive acting portfolio, many others have yet to learn that Mads Mikkelsen has been with his wife for decades!

From dating before he started his acting career to getting married, here’s the complete history of Mads Mikkelsen’s love life!

Inside Mads Mikkelsen’s Decades-Long Romance with His Wife

Mads Mikkelsen with his wife Hanne Jacobsen

Before finding fame with acting, Mads Mikkelsen initially intended to pursue a career in dancing.

He studied at a ballet academy in Gothenburg back in the 1980s, and it was there where he met Hanne Jacobsen, a choreographer, and his now-wife.

Mads and Hanne started dating in 1987 and welcomed their first child, Viola, in 1992. The couple welcomed their second child, Carl, five years later.

It wasn’t until three years after their youngest child was born that Mads and Hanne decided to tie the knot. Throughout the years, Hanne has always been supportive of her husband, accompanying Mads to movie premieres all around the globe.

In an interview, Hanne revealed that they were in their respective relationships when they first met, but they “fell in love.”

“I looked at him and thought: he’s the man in my life,” Hanne recalled. “I just straighten up and think, ‘Yeah, that’s the man I scored. It makes me happy and proud,” she continued.

Hanne also gushed about Mads, stating that not only “he’s the best actor in the world,” but that Mads is also “the best dad and the best husband.”

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On another occasion, Mads revealed to The New York Times that he was grateful to have a “solid family.”

“They join me on location if they have a chance,” Mads shared, referring to his wife and children. “But I can also be home three or four months doing nothing, so I probably see my kids more than people who work constantly all year long,” he added.

Who is Hanne Jacobsen?

Mads Mikkelsen and Hanne Jacobsen young
Mads Mikkelsen and Hanne Jacobsen (@hannemj)

Hanne Jacobsen might appear to be a nobody in the Hollywood industry, but in her home country, Denmark, she’s one of the most notable professional dancers! However, Hanne decided to retire as a choreographer as Mads Mikkelsen’s career took off.

“I looked at Mads after his success with Rejseholdet, and I didn’t want to be the sulky wife who tells her husband to do the dishes when he comes home tired,” Hanne laughed.

“I don’t feel like I’ve been sacrificing my own career at all. I’ve had my time as a dancer, and it was a great time,” she added.

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