Luke Macfarlane is Openly Gay: Who Is His Boyfriend?

Luke Macfarlane current partner

Luke Macfarlane is a hunk. From the TV drama Brothers & Sisters to his roles in Killjoys and various Hallmark movies, Luke always succeeds in wooing the audience’s hearts.

In an interview back in 2008, Luke came out as gay, breaking the hearts of his female fans and subsequently making his fanboys rejoice.

Following his coming out moment, Luke has yet to show off his boyfriend, much to fans’ disappointment. However, he’s not without rumors, either! Today we’re going to dig deep into Luke Macfarlane’s romantic life!

Is Billy Eichner Luke Macfarlane’s New Boyfriend?

Luke Macfarlane

In 2022, Luke Macfarlane starred in the first gay rom-com movie from a major studio, Bros. In the film, he co-starred fellow gay actor Billy Eichner. Being chummy in real life, Luke and Billy made a superb pair on-screen!

In an interview, while promoting the movie, Billy cheekily shared that he is “f—king” Luke. “We’re f—king. It’s amazing,” he laughed. “We spent a lot of time together, and we still like each other,” Billy said.

Many fans were convinced that Billy was joking in his usual nature, not to mention that Luke was laughing all good-naturedly.

However, some fans also wish that the actors end up together and bring their lovely chemistry on-screen to the real world!

Well, we’re definitely not complaining!

When Did Luke Macfarlane Start Seeing New Partner Chad Slivenski?

In 2008, fans were surprised after rumors circulated that Luke Macfarlane and Wentworth Miller had broken up.

Fans became even more surprised when shortly after the breakup, Luke was reportedly seeing semi-professional wrestler Chad Slivenski.

When asked about these rumors, Luke calmly explained that he doesn’t mind revealing sexual preferences but feels reluctant to share “his most private thoughts.”

He also asked fans to understand his decision.

Are Luke Macfarlane and Boyfriend Wentworth Miller Still Together?

Billy Eichner isn’t the first castmate that was rumored to be dating Luke Macfarlane. Luke was once linked to his Prison Break co-star, Wentworth Miller.

Luke Macfarlane and ex boyfriend Wentworth Miller
Luke Macfarlane and Wentworth Miller

The pair reportedly dated for over a decade. They started dating in 2007, two years before Luke came out.

During that period, Luke and Wentworth were seen together quite frequently. However, while fans suspected the actors were dating, many were convinced they were just castmates hanging out.

Several sources claimed that Luke’s relationship with Wentworth was “very real,” and they almost married!

Unfortunately, Luke and Wentworth reportedly broke up in 2018. Yet, without official statements from both parties, many hopeful fans still believe that the couple is still going strong and remaining private.

Inside T.R. Knight and Luke Macfarlane’s Relationship: The TV’s Gay Power Couple

It isn’t very easy being a celebrity, with people assuming your relationship based on pictures taken by the paparazzi.

In 2006, Luke was spotted hanging out with T.R. Knight, the star of Grey’s Anatomy. The pictures circulated only weeks after T.R. came out as gay.

Luke Macfarlane with partner T.R. Knight
Luke Macfarlane and T.R. Knight

Several sources later shared that the pair had been dating for a year. Unfortunately, Luke and T.R. reportedly broke up shortly after the pictures were taken, with Luke quickly moving on with Wentworth Miller.

Was Charlie David Luke Macfarlane’s First Boyfriend?

Luke Macfarlane and Charlie David were said to be dating in the early 2000s. This means that Charlie was Luke’s first boyfriend, at least the one known by the public.

Luke Macfarlane and his first boyfriend Charlie David
Luke Macfarlane and Charlie David

Unfortunately, there are little to no sources on their romance, making fans suspect that the former flame was only involved in a brief fling or a mere hookup rather than a serious relationship.

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