The Upcoming Comedian’s Romantic Narratives: Keegan Michael-Key and His Wives

Keegan Michael-Key wives

There are lots of comedians that come and go inside our lives. They, indeed, are one of our daily lives heroes since they make us smile and feel happy doing our chores. Regardless of which, modern jesters give us a positive feeling.

Hollywood is one of the great places to find great comedians. Even though they make us happy, these “jokers” have a life of their own. Inside every life, there is always drama lurking in the shadows.

The Key’s first love through thick and thin: Keegan Michael-Key and Cynthia Blaise

The beginning of our story came in Michigan, a developing metropolis with its history and distinctive culture. The place bears no importance; however, our protagonist today would not have become the jester we all know today if not because of Michigan and Detroit, where he spent most of his childhood. 

Keegan Michael-Key’s story is sad yet encouraging to us all. Born to unknown parents who left him, Keegan found his first solace when new parents adopted him. He knew that he liked acting and comedy, and with that admiration, he received a Master of Fine Arts degree.

His love and degree bore fruit when he played in his first ever Hollywood contract, a 1997 film “Get the Hell Out of Hamtown.” Since then, Keegan’s name has appeared in most recent movies or TV series in Hollywood.

Keegan Michael-Key and ex wife Cynthia Blaise
Keegan Michael-Key and Cynthia Blaise (Photo: Getty Images)

The tale of the hardships Keegan has been through was no less admirable. However, let us take a step back and reflect on this statement, “an incredible woman stays alongside his partner through thick and thin throughout his career.” Keegan perhaps felt that notion, seemingly knowing just who the woman standing behind him was. The woman we refer to here was Cynthia Blaise, Keegan Michael-Key’s former lover and wife. 

Cynthia and Keegan knew each other from when Keegan was not the famous actor and comedian we know today. According to several sources we found, the pair had just been trying to begin their career in Hollywood when they first met. It was the Detroit Repertory Theatre that made the meeting occur. At first, Keegan and Cynthia did not feel anything special. They were just another fellow trying to put their names inside Hollywood. 

As time progressed, however, things indeed changed for the pair. Keegan and Cynthia noticed the abrupt changes and embarked on a new journey. Remember Keegan’s first movie, “Get the Hell Out of Hamtown?” Nicki Swift reported that the upcoming couple worked together on that same film. The relationship bore fruit after, in 1998, Keegan and Cynthia announced their oaths to stay together until the end separated them. 

The film was not the only time the Key couple stamped their names. We all know that Keegan Michael-Key’s famous work and the work that certainly brightened up his name was “Key and Peele,” a comedy sketch alongside Jordan Peele. If you closely watch the show, Cynthia appears in some of her husband’s dramas. Her role, like Keegan, was constantly changing depending on the script. However, the coupe worked it all perfectly. 

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In summary, when he met Cynthia Blaise, Keegan had his life sorted out. Unfortunately, these “jester couple” tales did not last for a lifetime. In 2015, Keegan reported to the court, trying to break his vow with Cynthia. The court took its time, and in 2017, the paper announcing the separation came to the public. The shocking news reverberated; the next thing we knew, Keegan and Cynthia were no longer loving husband and wife.

The marriage of the two was not fruitful in terms of descendants since the pair had no children after their courtship. However, the lack of descendants was not why Keegan dumped her. Nicki Swift told us that “inflexible differences” was the sole reason why Keegan decided to perform this horrendous act. 

Keegan Michael-Key’s brand new romantic tales alongside Elisa Pugliese

Keegan Michael-Key with his current wife Elisa Pugliese

Keegan went to a good start, both in his career and romance. He married an adorable wife willing to help him during Keegan’s venture into Hollywood. His film and comedy sketches career also provided insights into Keegan Michael-Key’s talent. However, like many compatriots in Hollywood, his love life did not start very long. 

The awful news came to the media when some sources reported that Keegan’s marriage with Cynthia Blaise was officially over. When the information spiraled around, Keegan already had a special invitation alongside his new lover, Elisa Pugliese

Okay, let’s sort this out. The Sun said that in 2017, Keegan, alongside Elisa, attended the BAFTA Tea Party together. If you recall, the materialization of Keegan’s separation was still under review by the court. The same year, the couple” appeared in Tony Awards and even the prestigious Emmy Awards together, looking comfortable. 

Keegan and Elisa married in 2018 after spending a year together. The couple was in full swing after the court finally finalized Keegan’s case. Keegan, who proposed that the marriage party would take place in New York, told The Sun:

“We (Keegan and Elisa) love our home. It is an extraordinary place, and that is why we choose the place to bear witness to this new chapter in our lives.”

Keegan and Elisa invited only a handful of close friends and family to that wedding reception. And it seems the marriage works out well for the two. Elisa worked alongside his husband for a while on National Geographic’s show, “Brain Games,” as its executive producer. Keegan, on the other hand, landed several high-profile jobs like “Toy Story 4,” “Schmigadoon,” and “Reboot” TV series.

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Elisa, who seemingly cannot hide her joy in marrying Keegan, spammed her social media account with several photos of her and her new husband. Distractify compiled the moment when Elisa took the internet and flustered those who saw it. The wedding, so far, still stands strong to this day, famously remarked by Keegan:

“It is remarkable when you can find a partner that can give you joy and a sense of fulfillment in your life. They also help us, including me, to share and spread the joy I felt to others around me. I had never thought about it before, and it was just magical. Now when I think about it, I was lucky to have married her (Elisa) and let her enter my life.” 

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